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Top 5 best outdoor grow setup 2020

If you are here, it means you are planning to grow marijuana outdoors, but you don’t know where to start. Well, worry no more. Assuming you already have your seeds with you, this guide will help you set-up your outdoor grow house in no time.

First, you need to look for an ideal location to put up your grow house. It needs to be accessible to direct sunlight and easily accessible.

Advantages of growing marijuana in an outdoor grow room

  • The power costs are reduced since you will be relying mostly on natural light from the sun.
  • The plants are free to grow as big and thick as you want them and can produce high yields of up to 500-800 grams per plant.
  • It is environmentally friendly since less power is used.
  • Gardening is quite a relaxing, therapeutic, and fun experience.

For an outdoor grow room, you will need many things to set up, but we shall focus on five, which are;

Grow lights

Even though outdoor growing means the plants will solely depend on sunlight, there are instances where grow lights will be necessary. For example,

  1. When growing offseason
  2. When weather conditions are unfavorable
  3. When the sun sets earlier than usual, you need to extend the sunlight to keep the plant in a vegetative stage.

In such instances, the VIPARSPECTRA UL CERTIFIED 300W GROW LIGHTS will come in handy. They are

  • Fire resistant
  • Have high penetration power
  • UL certified, making them safe and high-quality.
  • Full-spectrum lights, which means they provide the plant with everything the sun would in all growth stages.
  • Has daisy chains features to enable multiple lights to be tied together.

Grow house/room

A grow house should be the first item on your list. To make one, you will need to purchase some glass, fiberglass, or plastic and make one from scratch. As an alternative, the OHUHU LARGE WALK-IN GROW HOUSE is among the top grow houses on Amazon.

It is perfect for keeping your cannabis warm but still well ventilated. This grow house protects your plants from weather like rain, snow, and wind.

It is effortless to install and comes with hooks and ropes. Ohuhu grow house is made of high-quality material and rust-resistant metal tubes.

It is spacious enough to hold 12 wired shelves and still have some room for keeping gardening equipment.

The cover is waterproof, UV-resistant, and extremely stable.


When looking for the best soil for your marijuana plants, look for the following qualities;

  • Contain compost, worm casting, or bat guano.
  • Good drainage ability
  • High oxygen levels
  • Impressive water retention capability
  • PH levels of 5.8 to 6.3

HAPPY FROG POTTING SOIL FROM FOXFARM fits the criteria and is a top seller on Amazon. It comes ready to use with beneficial microbes and mycorrhizal fungi for healthy root development, resulting in more robust plants with higher impressive yields.

Oscillating exhaust fans

They help maintain proper grow room humidity levels, thus keeping away diseases and pests. Essential in maintaining optimal temperatures during hot, sunny days for good growth of plants.

HONEYWELL DOUBLE BLADE OSCILLATING FAN is one of the best fans for outdoor grow rooms. Its features are;

  1. Easy to use the remote control
  2. Powerful and quiet
  3. Energy saving
  4. Three power setting that enables you to customize your room’s cooling by selecting the breeze, variable, or constant options
  5. Can handle medium to large rooms

Grow container/bag

Where do you put your soil? You need to look for a bucket or fabric pots for your soil. The latter is preferred as it allows the free flow of air to the plant’s roots.

VIVOSUN 5 PACK FABRIC POTS WITH HANDLES fit the description to a tee. It is a top seller on Amazon for many reasons like; the fabric is strong, durable, environment-friendly, and slightly porous.

The non-woven material allows the drainage of excess water and promotes the sufficient circulation of air to the plant’s roots resulting in healthier plants. Its strong reinforced handles can withstand the weight of the soil without getting damage.

The Vivosun 5 pack fabric pots are re-usable for many years and come with a one-year warranty.


You will also need other equipment like a PH reader, an environmental reader (temp and humidity), an automatic water system, curved trimming scissors, timers, among others. However, the five listed above are some of the most essential outdoor grow set-up items.

What are the best type of meat slicer for home use?

When it comes to choosing the best home meat slicer, you have to understand that not all of the meat slicers are equip. You will need an excellent quality meat slicer but you may go wrong with the devices that too power and larger than you needed.

There is no point in buying a meat slicer designed for commercial or heavy-duty use, put it in your kitchen and take a lot of space. This post will help you get the right meat slicer that suit your family.

#1 Type of slicer

Light duty: If you have a small family and you do not frequently use your meat slicer, this is what you should get. These slicers are designed to be used by all those people who use a slicer less than one hour per day. There is no reason to get the higher quality one with higher price.

These slicers are more than enough to slice a small amount of meat for everyday use and even for slicing vegetable. However, they are not designed for cutting raw or frozen meat or cheese or bone.

Medium duty: If you use a lot of deli meat, particularly if you have a large family and you looking for the slicer that can slice several hours per day, you should consider this type. These food slicers can handle a variety of meat.

Thinking about how often you will use the slicer and how much quantity you will slice every time you use a slicer before choosing. The blades of these slicer can become strained as a slicer is used for more than recommended usage.

Heavy Duty: If you are looking for the home use meat slicer, there is a big chance that you do not need this one. These heavy-duty slicers are often to use at big restaurants. They are the type of slices found in butcher shops and other meat markets as you can use it to handle even frozen meat or bone.

#2 What is the best meat slicer for home use

There are some brands that I would like to recommend due to their effective and good quality: OSTBA meat slicer, Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer, Kitchener meat slicer. These meat slicers are actually a pretty good deal for under 150$. They are compact size, include a child lock to avoid any accident. Moreover, they allow you to adjust the thickness of the meat slices.

What are the best type of mag fed paintball marker for you?

When it comes to best type of mag fed painball marker, then it is means that the term best is relative term in most cases but not all the cases, especially in terms of paintball markers. The mag fed paintball marker is considered as good or not also depend on your personality styles, the conditions of use, etc.

The best mag fed paintball marker might be different for different people. This guide will give you some tips and factors to consider that helps you choose the mag fed paintball marker best suit you.

#1 Mag fed Vs Dual-feed guns

It is obvious that Mag fed play tends to be more tactical and offers a pinch of realism. However, I more prefer to use dual feed guns, I use them mag fed as well as with the traditional loader. The ability to use a standard hopper of mag fed gun make it more effectively and flexible in the non-mag-fed paintball games.

This type of marker allows you to switch between mag-fed for accurate shots and standard hopper for accuracy by volume.

#2 Co2 cartridges Vs standard air tank

A CO2 cartride has a realistic look and lighter than a standard air tank model. But i would recommend you to use a standard air tank. It allow you to shoot more before needed to be refill. Therefore, you do not have to worry about running out of cartridges wile playing, carrying more extra cartridges or changing a cartridge in the middle of play.

If you care about the weigh, so he tank is held on your body and not on the gun will be better for movement.

#3 Choosing the mag fed marker with large capacity of magazine

The capacity if the magazines taht your painball marker can hold at once times is very important. Somw maf fed marker only offer 7 round magazine. That means you will have to change magazines and reload more frequently while playing.

I would recommed you to carry at least two magazines but it is better and more convinient to have four to six magazines. You also should choose the mag fed marker that has larger capacity of magazine. Some of them can contain up tp 30 rounds, that means you just need tp carry much less magazines than if you only had 7 round magazine.

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review:

Over the years, Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been delivering some top-notch marijuana strains in the canadian seed banks. The cannabis strains are safe with the perfect graded marijuana genetics. Our suppliers are committed to delivering strains with consistent THC and CBD concentrations for both commercial and private usage.

Montreal is committed to offering seeds as promised to its customer with high quality. For migraine treatment, growers have had a high demand in the Montreal cannabis seeds. They offer a variety of Montreal cannabis seeds and disseminate their clients with guidelines and bulletins on the latest cannabis industry. Montreal is renowned as the finest city to party in Canada and a favorable climate for planting cannabis.

Montreal, cannabis seeds review, make the ordering process easier for their consumers by providing online interactions. Customers are assured of high-quality seeds for the Montreal deals with the firs seed breeders in Europe. Buying Cannabis seed in Montreal, you enjoy a fee bonus seed. Customer care with special packages, discounts, and periodic sales have built a strong bond, maintaining customer loyalty trusts.

A large number of consumers conclude Montreal seeds as the grade one online seed company globally. Clients enjoy an affordable rate of the medical weed strain to relive their pain on time. Online supplies are fast and done on time and their staff works professionally to keep your order. Their seeds have an assured germination success rate leaving the customer motivated to farm more.

Delivers a comprehensive choice of cannabis seeds stretching from naturally breeds to fresher strains. The company websites are open for customer recommendations on their experience on the seeds giving new growers confidence to invest with the greatest seed suppliers.

Montreal’s objective is to produce healthy cannabis plants by offering guidelines to growers on how to maintain perfect lighting for your weeds to be beneficial. The cannabis seed company stealthy packaging is impressive to secure your ordered seeds from unwanted attention and problems.

Shipment of the seeds to the clients is done on time and in case the parcel is lost, the seed bank company ensures to ship other seeds at a free cost. Seed quality of that the seeds have shown up several times in the Montreal cannabis seeds reviews creating a higher demand in the marketplace. Payment approaches in the cannabis seed company are diverse and one can assess through; bitcoins, Visa cards, and master cards.

Customers highly appreciate the business management transparency to obligatory register in Montreal seed bank before purchase. Montreal, cannabis seeds firm, recommends every cannabis grower to elevate their cultivation space with the qualify performance seed banks.

Best rat bedding: Is fleece bedding good for rat?

With so many different choices, it can be hard to make a decision for the best rat bedding. But many rat owners use fleece blankets or materials to use as liners and bedding in their rat cages. So is fleece bedding good for rat?

This post will provide you basic information, the pros and cons of fleece bedding to help you get the best choice.

#1 Why you should use fleece bedding for rats?

Fleece is the popular fabric that has the benefit of being safe as bedding for rats. Fleece is soft, comfortable, cozy and it looks great too. If you are worry about the dust from pine or aspen shaving bedding, which can cause allergies, upper respiratory problems for your pets, then fleece will be the solution for this. Fleece cuts down on the dust, it is also soft for rats to walk and lay on.

Another impressive factor about fleece is that since it seems to be more costly than other types of bedding but the true is it saves you money because it’s reusable. Washing it for next time uses.

Apart from this, Fleece bedding available come in a variety of colors and patterns that make the cage look nice. It also reduces the chances to harbor mites.

#2 Disadvantages of using fleece bedding

You also have to carefully choose the fleece bedding since some low quality product may come with loose threads or small fiber sticking out. The toes of your rats may get entangled with loose threads and cause injuries.

This bedding also cannot be use in the litter box of rats. Fleece is made from polyethylene, so that it is not good at absorb urine and also cannot control odor very well.

#3 Maintenance of Fleece

Although fleece is reusable but it must be changed once every few days to a week. You should use scent free liquid laundry detergent when washing the fleece blankets because strong smells can make your rats uncomfortable.

If the fleece still has a urine smell after washing you can use the mixture of distilled white vinegar and detergent to reduce the urine smell if detergent and washing doesn’t work.

What are different types of best hedgehog cage?

There are lots of cages are sold on the market, before you bring your new hedgehogs home, make sure that their new cage will make them feel such real home while inside.

In order to help you choose the best hedgehog cage what you suit well, here we want to compare and show you some information about all types of housing for hedgehogs.

#1 Wire hedgehog cages

An upper wire-based cage with plastic based bottom constructed is the most common type of commercial cage. You can easy fine this type of cage at any market or pet stores. The benefits of wire cages are they easy to set up, clean, and have well designed ventilated as well.

Aside from that, these cages also come with solid tray as a base allows you to add the substrate for hedgehogs to burrow under. However, the disadvantage of these wire cages is that they can be more costly than other. One more problem can occur if the wire spacing is too large, your pets can escape or chew.

#2 Playpen hedgehog cages

You can use the playpens as the alternative for a hedgehog enclosure. They usually comes with bright color, some of them also include exercise wheel, toys and other accessories.

The outstanding point of this cage is that it is lightweight, flexible and versatile so that you can carry and use it anywhere. It also does not take much of space. However, the drawback that this cage should not the best cage for long term use since it does not really durable, stable and secure.

#3 Aquarium hedgehog cages

This is another famous style of hedgehog cage. It is made of the wire mesh top and the glass material bottom. The aquarium cage has aesthetic attractive and allows you to easy see your hedgehogs inside. You also do not need to worry about your hedgehogs get stick into the wire bar.

However, the aquarium is usually more expensive, heavier and smaller than other cages. You also have to ensure that it has proper ventilation because glass is tight air proof.

#4 DIY cage

Some hedgehog owners prefer to make their own cage for pets. You can use the cardboard or plastic containers to make the DIY hedgehog owners. They are much more cheaper or even free. These cages also environment-friendly since you are reusing materials.

Another way to make DIY cage for hedgehogs is use he C&C cages. These cage is lightweight and easy to carry around. But they will require time and effort to build.

Best reef LED lighting: MarsAqua Dimmable LED Coral Reef Light vs Aquatic Life Reef Edge LED

If you are planning to purchase on the lighting system for your reef tank, then nothing better than the best LED aquarium lighting. The LED light will not only create an attractive appearance for your fish tank but it is also necessary for the development of the corals and plants inside the tank. One more main attraction of LED light is the power savings features.

However, as the market is filled with many different types and brands of LED reef lights, it is not easy to choose the best one that perfectly suits your tank. This post is the things you need to know about reef LED light and we have come up top 2 best reef LED lighting: MarsAqua Dimmable LED Coral Reef Light vs Aquatic Life Reef Edge LED.

#1 Tank size

Before purchase on the LED light system for your coral reef tank, ensure that this is can be able to install into your tank.  Mars Aqua light featured with a double universal cascade.

It will provide enough light for up to 55 gallons tank (one light is ideal for 30 inches x 24 inches coverage). But if you have a bigger tank, you can series multiple sets of LED lights together at the same time without requiring more sockets.

Aquatic Life reef edge comes in two sizes 36 inches and 48 inches, which are fit the most common tank size. It includes the adjustable width aquarium frame mounts with extendable arms safely to install the fixture above any tank size. For example, 48 inches model can be adjusted to fit with aquarium frames between 47 inches and 50,25 inches wide.

#2 Full spectrum

What is the best light spectrum for corals? Blue and violet seem to provide the best light spectrum for corals.

The Mars Aqua LED light is full spectrums needs with two combinations of lighting beam settings that are designed to improve the growth of the aquatic plant and healthy coral. These two lighting beams come with two different switches for separately adjusting.

Channel one includes Violet (420nm), Royal Blue (450nm), Blue (470nm). And channel two includes Green (520nm), Red (660nm), Neutral White (6500K), Cool White (12000K).

The Aquatic Life reef edge LED Fixtures to incorporate six colors of LED’s to ensure a full spectrum of light for your aquariums. It includes (27) 9K White, (69) Blue 454nm, (9) Blue 440nm, (3) Violet 420nm, (3) Violet 400 nm, (6) Red LED’s, which is offering 3 channels of lighting.

#3 Mode and Features

Mars Aqua provides two modes are day & night lighting effects, which mimic natural light to help corals get the best balance thanks to two channels of lighting beam. Two channels of brightness also can be adjusted from 0% to 100% separately.

It also uses advanced high-speed quite fans of blowing air, which keeps the cooling performance and heat dissipation all the time.

Aquatic life offers three channel timers, which is programmed to slowly turn on or off in order to create the lighting effects of Sunrise and Sunset and the shimming blue glow of Moonlights.

Best fish filter: Fluval FX4 Canister Filter vs Polar Aurora External Filter

An aquarium is the entire world of your fish, which determines your fish’s health happiness, and lifespan. In order to keep the optimal and proper water condition, the best fish filter is indispensable.

The fish tank filter helps clean and purify tank water, removing fish waste, old food, decaying organic matter, and potentially harmful chemicals, such as ammonia.

But it is very easy to get confused when choosing the right filter for your aquarium between many different types and brands of them out there. This is why we want to introduce here two quality filers: Fluval FX4High Performance Aquarium Canister Filter vs Polar Aurora External Aquarium Filter.

#1 Flow rate

It is obvious that the first important factor when choosing a filer is considered if it works effectively with your tank or not. Always remember to check the flow rate of the filtration unit, which usually measure by how much water it can move every single hour.

Generally speaking, the filter can handle your tank is the one that can be able to move ay least 3 times the amount of water in your tank per hour.

Fluval FX4 filer can handle 700 gallons of water through its system per hour, which means it can be used for up to 250 gallons.

Polar Aurora filter comes in 4 sizes that you can consider to get the best suitable one for your tank. It can be able to handle between 265 gallons to 525 gallons per hours. It is good for up to 200 gallons of tank size.

#2 Space & Design

There are two main types of filters are internal and external filers. Fluval FX4 is a canister filter, which means it will be mounted inside the tank, you will not have to concern if it fits with the space you have or not.

In addition, Polar Aurora is External Aquarium Filter with Built-in Pump Kit Canister. Before buying, you have to ensure that you have enough space to place it, if not you will have to move your tank to the other placement. But the advantage is that it will not take the living space inside the tank of your fish as well as the room for decoration like an internal filter.

Polar Aurora is measure 12 x 12 x 19 inches and Fuval FX4 is larger: 15.6 x 15.6 x 17.7 inches.

#3 Filtration effective

The best aquarium filters will come with at least 3 stages of filtration and more. In terms of filtration type, your filter should come with mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.

Fluval FX4 has an effective five-stage filtration system, providing all three types of filtration.

Smart Pump with microchip technology continuously monitors and optimizes pump performance. You just need to add water, plugin and the Smart Pump will turn on automatically. Trapped air auto-evacuated once per 12 hours to ensure maximum efficiency.

Polar Aurora is 4 stages of filtration. It is features 4 built-in internal trays, which allow users to add their own filter media. Moreover, it also comes with a 9 watt UV light, which will emulate get rid of algae spores, bacteria and improve water clearness.

Best betta tanks: Marina LED Aquarium Kit VS. EcoQube Aquarium

he radiant beauty, vivid colors, low-maintenance, and general awesomeness of Betta fish make them perfect to keep as pets in the aquarium. However, there are a few things you will need to keep your eye out for when decides to keep Betta fish. One of these things is the best betta tank.

Generally, the right tank with the proper conditions will create a healthy environment for the growth of Betta.

In order to help you figure out what is the best tank for your fish, this post below will go into details of two Betta fish tanks: Marina LED Aquarium Kit VS. EcoQube Aquarium.

#1 Tank size

Many people believe that Betta fish do not need much room to live in. They prefer to keep them in tiny bowls or tanks. However, the truth is that Betta fish should not be kept in less than 5 gallons tank size. And that’s why you should learn about the best aquarium starter kits.

Marina LED aquarium kit is available in 10 and 20 gallons sizes. It is always better if you can give your Betta a large tank like this. Especially if you want to keep them with the other fish since one of the special characteristics of Betta fish is a territorial dispute.

However, if you have limited space and you are looking for the small and convenient sized tank so that you can place it on a table or your office desk, you can choose the EcoQube tank instead.

EcoQube is about 2 gallons in size; this size is relatively small for a betta, but you also can put him in this tank if you give him frequent cleaning and filtration.

#2 Filtration

It is obvious that the filter is the key to maintaining your aquarium. Ideally, the tank should come with a filter built-in. Marina tank offers a Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter with quick-change filter cartridges. The filter comes with a sponge, which will protect your Betta fish from getting sucked in.

EcoQube Betta tank includes an aquaponics filter. It does a great job at remove all the fish waste, create a clean self-sustained ecosystem.

#3 What is in the kit?

If you are a beginner, you may expect to get an all-in-one aquarium kit, so that you will get all the equipment you need to set up your Betta tank. Marina kits come with Led lighting system, fish food, Aqua Plus Water Conditioner, Cycle Biological Supplement, fishnet, thermometer.

EcoQube also offers everything you need to get started, includes aquaponics filter, sand decoration, mountain stone, glass cover, wireless remote LED light and basil seeds.

If you do not need to upgrade the tank, you will get a comfortable living environment for your betta with this tank.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food For Bearded Dragon

One of the most important things you have to provide for your bearded dragons is a nutritious, varied diet. Even though it is not a difficult task, but there are also some things that you should know about food for bearded dragon.

Some food insects and vegetables tend to be better choices and supported to feed your bearded dragon, while some should be avoided. These bellows are some questions you may wonder when it comes to feeding bearded dragons.

What type of insects to feed bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons are known as omnivorous, they can eat both meat and plant. Some types of insects that most common for bearded dragon are: cricket, dubia roaches, dorn worms.

Types of insects you can feed your dragon as treat and offered intermittently are Mealworms, wax worms, butter worms, silkworms, etc.

Types of insects that should avoid feeding bearded dragons are Fireflies, boxelder bugs, wild-caught insects.

Note: The best bedding for bearded dragons should only be a resting place for them and never a food dish for you to place food on.

What vegetables can bearded dragons eat?

Greens and vegetables should give your dragons every day and as much as they can eat: Collard greens, mustard greens, bell pepper, cabbage, kale, arugula, asparagus, basil, watercress, sweet potato, etc.

Some vegetables that should be fed rarely: Beet greens, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes.

Never fed them these plants: avocados, rhubarb.

What are diet requirements of baby bearded dragons?

Baby bearded dragons require a diet rich in protein and a plentiful source of live food as well. They should be fed as much as they can about 4-5 times per day and last for 10-15 minutes per meal. A baby should be consumed up to 70-80 crickets per day.

Feeding them vegetables (can mix with fruit) before you feed them insects. Because most of bearded dragons will prefer to eat insects and ignore the vegetables.

What are diet requirements of adult bearded dragons?

When bearded dragons are 18 months old, they can seem like adults. Unlike the baby, adult bearded dragons do not need much of insects since they stop to grow.

Instead, adult bearded dragons diet should be 80% vegetables and just 20% of insects.

The frequency of feeding also decreases. An adult may need to eat once or twice a day. Fruit and vegetables should be making up the largest part of their diet.