First-principles to make the ideal betta fish tanks

There is no doubt about the judgment that betta is a colorful, lively and beautiful fish that be an ideal choice for keeping.  And if you are keeping a beta fish tanks, did you set up a proper tank for them?

In order to make the ideal betta fish tanks and keep your fish stay happy, healthy and long life, you need to remove some misconceptions about caring betta fish. This article will help you to synthetic some first principles to establish an aquarium for your betta.

The bigger the tank is, the better

Most people prefer to use betta fish tanks for livening up their desks at the office so they keep them in a small fishbowl or vase. Besides that, in the pet store, betta fish are also kept in the same way. But although betta can survive in the small tank not mean that this is the ideal environment for them.

If you want to provide them a tank where your fish can live a happy life, healthy and long life, we recommend that you should not keep them in any tank smaller than 2,5 gallons. At least a 10 gallons size tank is ideal for the betta, and bigger is better.

They need room to swim around and do exercise, and you will need a blank space to add more plant or hide placement, which helps betta feel comfortable. Moreover, the larger tank will reduce the frequency-time that you need to change the water and the filter will work more effectively.

 Using the filter for a betta tank

In order to provide them a happy life, although betta fish do not really need a filter, you still need to add the filter for them. With a filter, the tank requires less time of frequent water change to keep the water quality up and remove toxic debris.

Betta fish do not produce much waste like other fish, so you just need to use a small hang back on the filter. A larger canister filter is superfluous.

Beta also enjoys the water environment with litter or no water movement. Choosing the filter with a low flow filter or have a low capacity for your tank.

Best 420 Seed Bank Canada

When the term comes to choose best 420 seed bank Canada, you have plenty of options, as Canada is the country, growing high quality seeds around the world, with top rated services, Canada is listed one of the famous brand in the world. One thing, we need to mention, with some conditions in Canada, it is legal to buy seed & grow marijuana by an act passed in October, 2018. Here, we have brought short details of top 5 Canadian seed banks, that you will definitely find your desired products for your nest purchase.

  1. Crop King Seed: In Canada, Crop King Seed bank regarded as best seed company with the availability of huge collection including feminized seed, auto-flowering feminized seeds, dwarf auto-feminized seeds. They also offer specific strains enriched with CBD, CBD Auto Cheese, CBDream Fem, to medical purpose. They have multiple payment system including Bitcoin acceptance, standard shipping facility both in Canada & US.

  1. Montreal Cannabis Seed: Our second choice Montreal Cannabis Seed bank, with high class quality control, provide you guarantee of replacement in case of any germinated seed. They accept credit card, debit card, bitcoin etc. with shipping time ranges 2-7 days within Canada.
  2. True North Seed Bank: True North Seed bank ensures quality product, their collection flooded with regular seed, feminized seed, hybrid strains with better packaging and replacement guarantee if needed. They have better customer service with repeated promotional offers like 20% free if you join them in their mailing list, having shipping ability across whole Canada & worldwide.
  3. Vancouver Seed Bank: Collection of top quality seed, they can give you seeds offering of multiple tastes. Even the customer could have full refund policy or replacement, if they are not satisfied, and have germinated free products with the instructions given by Vancouver Seed Bank.
  4. Toronto Cannabis Seed: Their collection rich with home-grown feminized, regular, high CBD, auto-flowering & medical seed including classic strains & newer strains at a great competitive price make them the title of one of the “Best 420 Seed Bank Canada”.

How to choose the best apples for juicing?

Juicing is the most simple and easiest way to get the nutrients from fruits and vegetables without eating them. If you want to juice with apples, it’s time to know what are the best apples for juicing.

Over 7,500 apple varieties are grown in the world and no 2 kind of them are the same. They are different about tartness, color, taste sweetness, the amount of flesh, juice, etc. And not all the apples are great for juicing.

For example, Red apples have a higher sugar lever than green apples but red apples usually have more antioxidants, what play an important role in the prevention of most types of cancers. Red and greens apples also offer different tastes, red are sweet, while green are tart but both of them have high amounts of Vitamin C and fiber.

# 1 Gala Apples

Gala Apples are the most popular apples of this list. They are sweet, tasty and cheap. You can easy find Gala Apples in any supermarket. They are mostly grown and shipped from New Zealand. It also has a great price, the perfect buddy for red juicing

#2 Granny Smiths

If flavor is the reason for you to choose best apples to juice, granny smiths is the right pick. They are known as green skin and sharp, tart flavor, not too sweet and originally come from Australia.

They also have longer shelf- life than the others. Granny smiths also have a bigger size than Gala apples that means they bring more juice.

#3 Fuji apples

Originally from Japan, this apple was named after the great Mt. Fuji. This kind of apple is known as their great ability of provide an immediate energy for your body.

It may the best apples to make apple juice because of its natural sugar and carbohydrates. You should dink a cup of Fuji apples juice after activity. It’s also has an entice flavor too.

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How to Use Weight Loss Supplements

With a host of weight loss pills and supplements out there it can be hard to know where to start and who you can trust. Many of these over-the-counter supplements are not approved by the FDA so it is always a good idea to speak to a professional before using them to make sure they are suitable for you and not likely to be harmful to your long-term health.

In this blog post, we take a look at two of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market: Herbalife and Metamucil and see how these can be used for weight loss.

Using weight loss supplements

When it comes to losing weight the old method is still the best: eating healthily and taking part in regular exercise. For some excellent healthy recipe ideas to help with weight loss check out our blog post here.

However, if you do decide to go down the weight loss supplement route you should always consult your physician first and look into the possible side effects of taking a weight loss pill or supplement.

How To Use Herbalife For Maximum Weight Loss

Herbalife offer various weight loss programs that generally revolve around their meal-replacement shakes. They also offer metabolism-boosting supplements and supplements which manage blood sugars and digestion. It can be an expensive program to follow and, while offering quick results, may not be a sustainable method of losing weight in the long run.

To use Herbalife for maximum weight loss you will need to get in contact with your local Herbalife independent distributor. They will inform you about the right program for you and should encourage you to check with your physician before beginning the course.

How to Take Metamucil for Weight Loss

Studies have shown that as little as 5% of Americans consume the recommended daily dose of fiber (38-grams for men and 25-grams for women) from the food they eat. This can lead to constipation and even putting on weight. The Metamucil fiber supplement aims to aid with all of these issues and in just 2-weeks people can start to feel lighter and notice weight loss by adding this supplement into their diet. Remember to always check with your physician before implementing the Metamucil program.

So, how do you use Metamucil for weight loss? Here are 4 quick steps to take you through the first 2-weeks:

  1. Start with adding 1 daily teaspoon of Matamucil to a cup of juice or water.
  2. Don’t increase the dose for at least 3 days as you may experience bloating and discomfort. This is normal but should pass in a few days.
  3. If you start feeling the benefits of improved digestion and increasing regularity when it comes to visiting the toilet and ‘passing on the goods’, as it were, then you can try increasing the dose up to a maximum of 3 teaspoons a day. However, for the first two weeks at least it is best to stick with the base dose.
  4. After 2-weeks, some people notice they feel less sluggish due to improved digestive health.

Losing weight can be a difficult journey to go on so it can be tempting to have the helping hand of weight loss pills or supplements. Always make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of such assistance in terms of achieving sustainable weight loss and also check out any side effects as well as consulting an expert before taking anything.

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Fact Sheet


The weather is moderately hot most of the year

Altitude of Crater Lake

1800m -2000m above sea level

Location of Crater Lake

38km From Naivasha town along the Moi South Lake road off Mahi Mahiu Nairobi Highway. It’s a mere one and half hours drive from the nation’s capital. Contiguous with Hells Gate National Park.


The average temperatures are 27°C during the day and 18°C during the night

Reccomended Attire

The camp site is informal. Comfortable clothes are recommended, e.g. casual wear, hats and sweaters for the evening. Trainers are the most ideal footwear.

Reccomended Equipment

Cameras, extra films, binoculars, Hats, Sunscreen,

Important Information

  • Number of tents: 11
  • Number of honeymoon Suites with Jacuzzi: 1
  • Number of family Banda: 1
  • Bed types available: Single / Double / Twin / Triple
  • Children: Child friendly environment
  • Mosquito nets: Yes
  • Private flush toilet: Yes
  • Private shower: Yes
  • Hot Water: 24 hours
  • Security: All tents lockable
  • Safe: At main reception
  • Personal bars: On request
  • Telephone: At main reception
  • Mobile phones: Network very good
  • Room Service: 24 hours
  • Check in: 10am
  • Check out: 11am
  • Power: Electricity
  • Invertors for charging cell phones: Available at reception
  • First aid kit: Available at reception
  • Excursions: Drinks and Food available on sale

Restaurant and Dining

The main Restaurant and dining area consists of a high thatch roof, with an African rustic verandah which gives a breath taking view of the Crater Lake.

Drinks and snacks are available in our restaurant throughout the day. After a long eventful day, what better way to unwind than to take a few drinks by our ‘bone fire’.

Meals can be enjoyed either in the main dinning room, at the verandah or by the fireplace overlooking the beautiful Crater Lake.

Our chefs take great pride in the food served.  All our meals are made with the outmost expertise of the chef making it nothing but mouth watering.  We cater for a wide range of tastes including vegetarian specialties.

Welcome to Crater Lake Camp

Tucked away in a hidden corner of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, Crater Lake offers a stirring encounter with wild Africa, just ninety minute’s drive from downtown Nairobi. This magical lakeside lodge is the perfect stopover en route to the Nakuru and the Maasai Mara game parks, as well as a romantic getaway by itself!
History is everywhere at Crater Lake. The 10,000-acre game sanctuary houses the famous hilltop grave where Happy Valley’s tragic heroine, Lady Diana Delamere, is buried with her last two husbands, Gilbert Colvile and Thomas Delamere. For the truly intrepid, there are the mysterious ‘Caves of God’ in the golden wheatfields of Ndabibi, reputed to be an inspiration for H. Rider Haggard’s Allan Quartermain.

Crater Lake Naivasha

The camp is built on the shores of green volcanic like in the bottom of an old volcanic crater.The crater is 87 hectares in extent and the lake takes up to 14 hectares of this area.Over the last four years,the camp has been awarded a total of four awards by the Kenya travel Magazine “Travel News and Lifestyle” including Best tented camp in Kenya and Best Weekend getaway.It has also gained the reputation of being the most romantic camp in Kenya.The camp is open for 24 hours.

The Hotel will organize your full local excursion.


Activities at the camp are centred round nature and wildlife.There are guided nature walks in the crater and the Sanctuary.The bird list is over 400 species,of which it is easy to spot more than 100 species in a day. There are 30 species of wildlife in the sanctuary .At night the Hippo come out of the main Naivasha lake to graze,and it is possible to see the Aardvark and spring hares on night game drives.There is a colony of over 70 Colombus monkeys living here,In addition for the most of the year are Flamingoes covering almost the entire lake,numbers of which can go upto 3-4000 .


The camp comprises of eight double rooms and two permanent family bandas,all which are ensuite with hot and cold showers.Honey moon suite which has a large bush pole bed and double Jacuzzi.All rooms look out over the lake.

There is a fully stocked bar,dining room,verandah and a conference room,and the camp is popularly known for its full meals and snacks.


Crater Lake Rack Rates


Single Room 166 186 206
Double Room 229 268 308
Honeymoon Suite 290 330 370
Children 3-12 yrs 65 75 85


Single Room 135 155 175
Double Room 183 222 262
Honeymoon Suite 234 274 314
Children 3-12 yrs 52 62 72


  • 3-12 Yrs sharing with Adults -50% Adult single rate
  • 3-12 Yrs own room- 75% Adult single rate (one child)
  • 3-12 Yrs own room- 75% Adult double rate (Two children)
  • 3-12 Yrs own room-  75% Adult Triple room (Three children)

These Rates are inclusive of all Government Taxes.


  • Bird walk
  • Bicycle Ride
  • Visit to Eburu Forest (4pax min)
  • Boat Ride- Adult- Child
  • Horse Riding
  • Day or Night Game Drive
  • Swimming
  • Climbing Mt. Longonot
  • Game Drives at Lake Nakuru Park with lunch at Merica
  • Game Drives/ Birds at Lake Bogoria Spa with Lunch
  • Nature Walk ( Guided )
  • Visit to Lady Delameres grave yard
  • Visit to Elsamere
  • Visit to Hells Gate
  • Visit to Crescent Island
  • Tour to Lake Baringo and lunch
  • Visit to Lake Elementaita
  • A visit to Aberdare National Park
  • Bush breakfast
  • Sundowner Cocktail( drinks not included)
  • Extra Lunch
  • Bush Dinner – suppliment
  • Poolside Dinner/ Cocktail
  • Sunday Curry
  • BBQ By the pool- Supplement
  • Sundowner at Leopard rock
  • Confernce/ outside Catering/ Reatreats/ Seminars -Suppl
  • Honeymooners Paradise
  • Bush Weddings
  • Candle light dinner at the jetty( supplement)
  • Team Building (Facilitation per day)
  • Camping package per day( No Meals) per person
  • Naivasha by day tour
  • Group lunches and Dinner