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What are the best carbon steel folding survival knife?

The best folding survival knives commonly comes with high quality stainless steel or high carbon blade. Personally, I more prefer to use a carbon steel knife instead of stainless steel. This is because survival knives are used less frequently than EDC knives, but it has to perform more heavy duty tasks in the survival situation. <This article can help you find some folding survival knife.

Carbon steel is tougher and hold up more abuse than stainless steel. Carbon steel is the perfect material for best survival folding knife as it is sturdy and easy to sharpen. However, we do not have much of choice when it comes to carbon steel folding knife. So, I want to share with you my favourites of folding survival knives that made of high carbon steel material.

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#1 <VOLTRON V21 9Cr18Mov Blade Folding Survival Knife

Voltron V21 use 9Cr18Mov high carbon steel material for the blade with 58HRC hardness. The handle is made of black steel head G10 material, what ensure the comfortable and firmly grip. The Voltron V21 is very reliable knife that made of high carbon steel. You do not need to worry about maintenance as the blade is corrosion resistance and can hold a decent edge.

The blade is razor sharp so it is better to pay attention and be careful when using it. This knife can be easily folded with one hand. It is also equipped with integrated copper ball bearing system for easy close and open. It has the safe locking system, which keep it stay in the position when carrying. However, the drawback here is that this knife is quite heavier and longer than other knives. It measures 22,5 cm overall length, includes blade length of 9.5 cm and the handle length is 12.7 cm. It is not the compact size for your pocket.

#2 <Smith & Wesson SWMP4L-BRK

The products of Smith and Wesson is focus on quality and convenient of users. Smith and Wesson knife is perfect for both professor or newbie, it is designed to ready for any situation. Its total length is 8.6 inches with a blade length of 3.6 inches. It is also quite lightweight with weight of 7.6 ounces, what makes it perfect for outdoor activity.

The blade material is 4034 high carbon Oxide stainless steel. The handle is made of black aluminium, it is also coated with a rubber liner for more comfortable grip and make the handle more durable.

The rubber handle is easy to hold. Due to the convenient pocket clip, flipper/finger actuator and M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening, the knife is very easy to carry everyday and easy access. There is a safety lock, which will keep the blade stay in place and do not slip out.

What I like most about this knife is that it can be turned into a convenient double-edged sword. Although it is not the most compact knife on the market and you may feel uncomfortable with its 8,6 inches length, this length is enough to fit with your backpack and can be attached to your pocket as well.

#3 <Opinel No 9 Carbon Steel Folding knife

Opinel is the manufacturer that have many year experience in producing knives that forces on simplicity. The No 9 carbon steel has the beechwood handle with no liner. The blade is made of carbon steel. Unlike the other folding knife, this one is locked open or closed with a Virobloc stainless steel ingenious rotating collar

The No. 09 is not a compact size but it has the classic design. The blade can loosen or tighten. There are two parts in the stainless virobloc safety ring, one of it is fixed and one for sliding to ensure the secure lock when using.

Top 5 best outdoor grow setup 2020

If you are here, it means you are planning to grow marijuana outdoors, but you don’t know where to start. Well, worry no more. Assuming you already have your seeds with you, this guide will help you set-up your outdoor grow house in no time.

First, you need to look for an ideal location to put up your grow house. It needs to be accessible to direct sunlight and easily accessible.

Advantages of growing marijuana in an outdoor grow room

  • The power costs are reduced since you will be relying mostly on natural light from the sun.
  • The plants are free to grow as big and thick as you want them and can produce high yields of up to 500-800 grams per plant.
  • It is environmentally friendly since less power is used.
  • Gardening is quite a relaxing, therapeutic, and fun experience.

For an outdoor grow room, you will need many things to set up, but we shall focus on five, which are;

Grow lights

Even though outdoor growing means the plants will solely depend on sunlight, there are instances where grow lights will be necessary. For example,

  1. When growing offseason
  2. When weather conditions are unfavorable
  3. When the sun sets earlier than usual, you need to extend the sunlight to keep the plant in a vegetative stage.

In such instances, the VIPARSPECTRA UL CERTIFIED 300W GROW LIGHTS will come in handy. They are

  • Fire resistant
  • Have high penetration power
  • UL certified, making them safe and high-quality.
  • Full-spectrum lights, which means they provide the plant with everything the sun would in all growth stages.
  • Has daisy chains features to enable multiple lights to be tied together.

Grow house/room

A grow house should be the first item on your list. To make one, you will need to purchase some glass, fiberglass, or plastic and make one from scratch. As an alternative, the OHUHU LARGE WALK-IN GROW HOUSE is among the top grow houses on Amazon.

It is perfect for keeping your cannabis warm but still well ventilated. This grow house protects your plants from weather like rain, snow, and wind.

It is effortless to install and comes with hooks and ropes. Ohuhu grow house is made of high-quality material and rust-resistant metal tubes.

It is spacious enough to hold 12 wired shelves and still have some room for keeping gardening equipment.

The cover is waterproof, UV-resistant, and extremely stable.


When looking for the best soil for your marijuana plants, look for the following qualities;

  • Contain compost, worm casting, or bat guano.
  • Good drainage ability
  • High oxygen levels
  • Impressive water retention capability
  • PH levels of 5.8 to 6.3

HAPPY FROG POTTING SOIL FROM FOXFARM fits the criteria and is a top seller on Amazon. It comes ready to use with beneficial microbes and mycorrhizal fungi for healthy root development, resulting in more robust plants with higher impressive yields.

Oscillating exhaust fans

They help maintain proper grow room humidity levels, thus keeping away diseases and pests. Essential in maintaining optimal temperatures during hot, sunny days for good growth of plants.

HONEYWELL DOUBLE BLADE OSCILLATING FAN is one of the best fans for outdoor grow rooms. Its features are;

  1. Easy to use the remote control
  2. Powerful and quiet
  3. Energy saving
  4. Three power setting that enables you to customize your room’s cooling by selecting the breeze, variable, or constant options
  5. Can handle medium to large rooms

Grow container/bag

Where do you put your soil? You need to look for a bucket or fabric pots for your soil. The latter is preferred as it allows the free flow of air to the plant’s roots.

VIVOSUN 5 PACK FABRIC POTS WITH HANDLES fit the description to a tee. It is a top seller on Amazon for many reasons like; the fabric is strong, durable, environment-friendly, and slightly porous.

The non-woven material allows the drainage of excess water and promotes the sufficient circulation of air to the plant’s roots resulting in healthier plants. Its strong reinforced handles can withstand the weight of the soil without getting damage.

The Vivosun 5 pack fabric pots are re-usable for many years and come with a one-year warranty.


You will also need other equipment like a PH reader, an environmental reader (temp and humidity), an automatic water system, curved trimming scissors, timers, among others. However, the five listed above are some of the most essential outdoor grow set-up items.

What are the best type of meat slicer for home use?

When it comes to choosing the best home meat slicer, you have to understand that not all of the meat slicers are equip. You will need an excellent quality meat slicer but you may go wrong with the devices that too power and larger than you needed.

There is no point in buying a meat slicer designed for commercial or heavy-duty use, put it in your kitchen and take a lot of space. This post will help you get the right meat slicer that suit your family.

#1 Type of slicer

Light duty: If you have a small family and you do not frequently use your meat slicer, this is what you should get. These slicers are designed to be used by all those people who use a slicer less than one hour per day. There is no reason to get the higher quality one with higher price.

These slicers are more than enough to slice a small amount of meat for everyday use and even for slicing vegetable. However, they are not designed for cutting raw or frozen meat or cheese or bone.

Medium duty: If you use a lot of deli meat, particularly if you have a large family and you looking for the slicer that can slice several hours per day, you should consider this type. These food slicers can handle a variety of meat.

Thinking about how often you will use the slicer and how much quantity you will slice every time you use a slicer before choosing. The blades of these slicer can become strained as a slicer is used for more than recommended usage.

Heavy Duty: If you are looking for the home use meat slicer, there is a big chance that you do not need this one. These heavy-duty slicers are often to use at big restaurants. They are the type of slices found in butcher shops and other meat markets as you can use it to handle even frozen meat or bone.

#2 What is the best meat slicer for home use

There are some brands that I would like to recommend due to their effective and good quality: OSTBA meat slicer, Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer, Kitchener meat slicer. These meat slicers are actually a pretty good deal for under 150$. They are compact size, include a child lock to avoid any accident. Moreover, they allow you to adjust the thickness of the meat slices.

How to properly maintain best non-stick omelette pan?

There is nothing that can give you that much pleasure to start your day as cooking the perfect omelette. And if you want perfect omelettes then you all you need is the <best non-stick omelette pan. Non-stick pans are easy to clean, and allow for cooking without using much butter or oil.

However, non-stick omelette pan has its lifespan and when used incorrectly, it’s also easy to damage. Here are my tips on how to care for non-stick pan that may help your pan last for longer.

#1 Cook your non-stick pan over low and medium heat

Being cooked over high heat can have many harmful effects. Being exposure to high heat over time are bad for the non-stick coating on the omelette pan. High heat will deteriorate the non-stick coating surface.

Not only that, there are some non-stick omelette pan are made of unhealthy non-stick coating. Cooking over high heat can accidentally release unhealthy, potentially toxic vapours. This is why I would like recommend you to cook over low and medium heat with non-stick omelette pan.

#2 Season omelette pan

Many people think that non-stick pans do not need to preseason and re-season. But this is not only help your pan last longer, it will also improve the way food cooks in it.

To preseason your pan, you just need to rise and cook it under medium heat until the pan is completely dry. then use a paper towel to rub about a teaspoon of oil around the internal bottom of the pan. You also should re-season your pan by rubbing it will a small amount of oil each time before using it.

#3 Do not use any sharp or abrasive objects for non-stick omelette

Not only cooking, but also when cleaning, if you use sharp objects like, knives or metal spatulas to stir food or flip your omelette or if you use steel wool to clean omelette pan, these things can scratch and damage the finish coating on the pan. One the finish coating of non-stick pan starts to peel, it is better to replace it.

If you want to flip your omelette or stir food, you should use wooden spoons or silicone spatulas. For cleaning non-stick omelette pan, use a soft dishrag or non-metallic sponge or brush.

#4 Hand wash your non-stick pan

The fact that most non-stick omelette pans claim to be dishwasher safe, however, super hot water and harsh detergents in the dishwasher can damage the non-stick coating over time. Hand washing will keep and maintain the pan’s coating last for a lot longer than a dishwasher.

What are the best type of mag fed paintball marker for you?

When it comes to best type of mag fed painball marker, then it is means that the term best is relative term in most cases but not all the cases, especially in terms of paintball markers. The mag fed paintball marker is considered as good or not also depend on your personality styles, the conditions of use, etc.

The best mag fed paintball marker might be different for different people. This guide will give you some tips and factors to consider that helps you choose the mag fed paintball marker best suit you.

#1 Mag fed Vs Dual-feed guns

It is obvious that Mag fed play tends to be more tactical and offers a pinch of realism. However, I more prefer to use dual feed guns, I use them mag fed as well as with the traditional loader. The ability to use a standard hopper of mag fed gun make it more effectively and flexible in the non-mag-fed paintball games.

This type of marker allows you to switch between mag-fed for accurate shots and standard hopper for accuracy by volume.

#2 Co2 cartridges Vs standard air tank

A CO2 cartride has a realistic look and lighter than a standard air tank model. But i would recommend you to use a standard air tank. It allow you to shoot more before needed to be refill. Therefore, you do not have to worry about running out of cartridges wile playing, carrying more extra cartridges or changing a cartridge in the middle of play.

If you care about the weigh, so he tank is held on your body and not on the gun will be better for movement.

#3 Choosing the mag fed marker with large capacity of magazine

The capacity if the magazines taht your painball marker can hold at once times is very important. Somw maf fed marker only offer 7 round magazine. That means you will have to change magazines and reload more frequently while playing.

I would recommed you to carry at least two magazines but it is better and more convinient to have four to six magazines. You also should choose the mag fed marker that has larger capacity of magazine. Some of them can contain up tp 30 rounds, that means you just need tp carry much less magazines than if you only had 7 round magazine.

Buying Guide: Best Cooler for The Money

There are several different types of <camping coolers, and you must choose the right one for your journey. You’re going to want to pick one that houses all your perishables. The cooler you pick also needs to be able to keep your food cold all the time you’re away from the refrigerator. It would be a shame if you had to cut your vacation short because of spoiled food. Purchase the right cooler and prepare it correctly to prevent your camping experience from being ruined.

Shop around for the cooler you need before you make your purchase. Camping coolers come in different materials. Some of these substances cause the ice to last longer than others. Steel coolers are recommended for long camping trips. They can well insulate the inside, but they’re so heavy that they’re only recommended for use if you’re traveling by car to your camping spot. Styrofoam refrigerators are perfect for beverages and other things that won’t break if the ice melts. They are lightweight and can be comfortably taken on overnight trips.

When planning to prepare camping refrigerators, you can make ice blocks or buy gel packs and freeze them. The use of small ice cubes alone is unsuccessful because they melt too easily. Ice blocks can be made from a variety of containers at home, such as milk cartons. The blocks should be put at the bottom of the cooler because they are very large. Place the perishable food on top of the ice. Cover the food with a lot of ice cubes so the things can no longer be seen and make sure to find cubes along the sides of the food as well.

When you need a bag to keep your perishable products dry, there are a few different steps to take. You’re going to want to use frozen gel packs for this sort of cooler because they’re going to stay frozen longer than ice. Freeze the things you want to pack in the camping refrigerators the night before the ride. This will encourage them to stay cold all the way through your camping trip. Store the products in the insulated containers so that the cold temperature stops the food from going sour. Place the food in the center of the container, surrounded by the gel packs, to keep it as cold as possible.

As you can see, it’s important to invest in <best cooler for the money. You do want to make sure that you prepare the cooler appropriately to keep the food safe and fresh when in the woods. Camping refrigerators often come in a backpack style, so it’s important that you know how to store them properly so that your food isn’t spoiled.

Child Safety Seat: Its Development And Tips For Parents

Apart from having the airbags functioning and the seat belts fastened to their seats, family people with kids should make it a priority to secure their kids in the vehicle. For my part, when my kiddy was growing up, I discovered the best method to ensure his mobility safety, and that was a car seat stroller combo.

With this, I killed two birds with one stone. So you might be asking yourself what a car seat stroller combo is and its development history? That is why today, we decided to shade full light of this device.

So, what is a car seat stroller combo?

To better understand this, we shall first focus on baby car seats.

A baby car seat, also baby safety seat or infant safety seat is a special type of seat that allows for the safe sitting of the baby in the vehicle in order to avoid injuries to the child in case of an accident.

A baby stroller, on the other hand, is a small carriage with a seat and small wheels which is meant to help the child move around by pushing.

Hence, therefore, a car seat stroller combo is a combination of the two. A car seat that can be fastened to either a car or custom made carrier.

How then did the baby car seat stroller combo come to exist?

The automobile industry has been moving at a high speed in terms of the development and improvement of the safety and comfortability of the vehicle. One of these safety developments of the child safety seat. The advent of child car safety seats came as a mistake. 

You might be surprised to realize that child car safety seats were not meant for safety purposes. Instead, it was a new and fancy 1930s tech of raising the height of a child to the level of a driving parent. This was meant to give the parent an easy time driving while keeping an eye on their children.

Then something happened in the 1960s

As the seat belts were being redesigned to be a sensible accessory in vehicles, the child car seat got a boost to a car safety seat thanks to Jean Ames. On realizing that too much attention was given to the adults in the vehicle, he decided to make a child safety seat by adding more passive security restrains. His model consisted of a y shaped strap that held the baby safely in place in the vehicle. This first innovative child safety seat faced the rare of the vehicle. Back in America, Mr. Leonard Rivkin was busy developing a completely different model with the sole intention of protecting a child in a vehicle. His model was forward-facing, unlike Jean’s model, also, instead of the Y-shaped strap to hold the child in position, the child was protected by the help of a metal frame.

What are the neglected precautions that parents should take when using a child safety seat stroller combo?

Child safety seats are used by most parents all over the world. It is, however, a saddening fact that above half of these parent population do it the bad way. Since a child safety seat offers indirect restraint, parents have to observe its fixing rules to the letter for effectiveness to be achieved. Some of these are:

Choose a stroller that fits your child’s age

Most strollers are designed to go with the child’s age, so are child safety car seats. Therefore, when choosing the right child safety seat stroller combo, you got to make sure that it is designed for a child’s age.

Always remember that the car safety car seat does not come in to fully relieve you of your duties

Immediately after you pull over, ensure your baby is shifted from the child safety seat is shifted to the stroller. This is because when your child stays relaxed or sleeping in the car safety seat, they might develop breathing problems and lead to the development of a flat spot behind your baby’s head. So, ensure that your kiddy does not spend more than two hours seated in the safety seat stroller combo.  

Do this for babies with special needs

Ensure that the car seat stroller combo comes with extra space to keep the child’s accessories and medicine. Ensure also that you consult a specialist or maybe a similar but experienced parent, they can give you the best advice.

Hey! And do not forget the brakes, your stroller needs to have some functional brakes or else your child goes driving uncontrollably downhill


The car safety seat stroller combo came as a handy helper to many parents. Careful use of this equipment can make your child the most comfortable infant, but if you let go off the rules, then it might turn out to be the worst decision you ever made. Ensure that you take care and let your child enjoy the fruits of this gradually developed present especially for him or her.



How to choose the best slow juicer?

Juicing is the current trend that is sweeping people who have a passion for health. Including fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is very important and necessary. Drink juice every day is the best way to provide nutritional supplements to your body.

Instead of wasting your time by waiting in long lines at the market to buy juice, you can make your favorite juice at home whenever you want. Buying the best slow juicer is a great investment for your health and energy.

But after buying this device, you should ensure that it is worth the price and suits you nicely.

#1 Design

There are 2 types of slow juicer is a vertical masticating juicer, horizontal masticating juice and many different options of colors, sizes for you to choose from.

The vertical masticating juicer is compact, easy to store and suitable for small kitchen. Horizontal masticating juice is more great for juice vegetables than the vertical one.

#2 Pulp

Before buying, you need to consider if this juicer produces a lot of pulp or not. A much amount of pulp yielded means that this juicer work well, it retains the essential nutrients.

The feature of filter out pulp is also necessary for the cast you do not want any pulp in your drink. If this feature is important for you, check it carefully before buying it.

#3 Durability

Durability is also very important because you will use this juicer every day for a long time. You won’t want to fix usually or replace after some month of using. Choosing durable materials is the best way to ensure your juicer will work well.

#4 Easy to clean

This is a device that you use and need to clean up daily. Choosing a juicer easy to remove and clean. It would be best if your juicer friendly with the dishwasher.

How to choose the wirecutter best mandoline?

If you do not have a lot of cooking skills and your knife skills are not high, then cooking is not your preferred choice.

Cutting pieces of tomatoes or other tubers into thin slices to make a salad may take you an hour. However, if you own a wirecutter best mandoline, everything will be completely different.

This tool does not require you to have experience, you just need to ensure your hand safety.

With a mandoline, you will be able to save a lot of time preparing for the cooking process. You will not need to worry about your skills using knives or pieces of vegetables that are not as thin as you want.

To save you some research and time, here are some things you should consider before buying a mandoline:

#1 Blades

Mandoline’s blade is the key factor that determines the quality of the product. There are three types of blades corresponding to the three types of mandoline: French mandolines, Japanese mandolines and V-blade slicers.

French mandolines usually have a straight blade while Japanese mandolines have angled blades and V-blade slicers, of course a V-shaped blade.

Whatever the shape, the blade must be sharp to be able to slice vegetables easily.

The blade should also be made of material that does not easily rust and scratch. Stainless steel is an ideal material for mandoline blades.

#2 Durability

A mandoline should be highly durable to avoid having to invest too much. Investing in a durable mandoline also means you can save a decent amount of money.

Pay attention to the material of the blade, as mentioned above, it should be made of stainless steel.

The material of the body of the mandoline should be made of material that can withstand high pressure from external agents. And it should also be made of rust and water resistant material.

High quality plastic is the most economical and affordable option.

#3 Safety feature

A mandoline usually has a very sharp blade so whenever you can cut your hand if you are negligent. So choose a mandoline that comes with a hand guard to prevent those accidents from happening.

Buying Guide: Best Ir Illuminator for Hunting

Of late, there has been an increased growth for night hunting sports. The game is enhanced by the use of a night vision device. In this case, an IR illuminator will be one of the best options that are used alongside night vision devices. Because IR illuminator comes in different forms, it is essential to shedding light on the beginner and any other user willing to purchase one. Although the best IR illuminator looks ten same, it is necessary to understand the significant aspect that differentiates them. This way, you will be in a position to make the appropriate choice for the best type if IR illuminator to purchase.

One factor that you should be concrete about is whether the IR illuminator is visible. In almost every case, the illuminator is not visible by human eyes unless one looks directly and at a close range at the bulb. Unless you look through a night vision device, it will be impossible for you to see the beam of light.

Another factor that the best IR illuminator for hunting that the user or the buyer should put into considerations whether the animals can see the IR light. As described in the previous point, it will be next to impossible for the animal to see the right form the IR illuminator. In addition to the visibility of the device, it will be essential to check whether the device has an option either to illuminate an object at a far distance or a floodlight for the purpose at a shorter distance.

The presence of an adjustable mount must make it possible to attach the illuminator onto a weaver rail. The ability to mount the An IR illuminator will allow you to use more than one weapon. Additionally, the ability to mount an IR illuminator will be time-saving. This means that you will not be limited by whatever will come on your way.

Finally, you should check the best long range IR illuminator to be purchase for the presence of a low thermal resistance property. This will help in the prevention of overheating of the device.

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