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Avoiding Yo-yo Diet Results

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Less than 10% sustain the weight they lost through some fad diet or exercise regimen. About half of all who take on a diet eventually gain more than what they lost. These rebounding weight loss effects or ‘yo-yo’ in common parlance is taking more people at greater risks than those steady overweight people who have not tried losing any pounds.
To add insult to injury, our society and the media’s obsessive emphasis over the beauty of thinness had derivative impacts over the esteem and overall health of millions of girls and women globally.
There’s even ridicule and criticism experienced by people who try to lose weight. What do you think has prompted them to do so? Because fat is ugly, as we say it today, ironic as it may sound but the fat we despise of today is the beautiful and in-thing for our ancestors from the Middle Ages.
In return (sadly), people shred pounds off their bodies not because they want to stay healthy but because they want to feel redemption, they want to feel connected and feel good about themselves. Thus, the motivation is not set right. According to, the yo-yo weight loss is in full effect.
Inner criticisms prove fatal when women think of their bodies as a thing of ridicule. That perspective is better off our system than in it. As a matter of fact, taking your stand against these bullies will help your emotional stability more than anything else. DO NOT diet because people ridicule you. The common “you need to go on a diet” chants on the airwaves is like Pavlov conditioning his dogs to eat at certain times. You aren’t dogs!
It is true that America is slowly turning into an obese country, and that more and more people need to be more cautious about their diets and health but that doesn’t mean you need to live under a roof that espouses ridicule for body shame and self-hatred.
Some research may even prove that being overweight or mildly obese doesn’t really lead to greater health risks. But gaining and losing weight and altering it altogether prove to be more harmful than any other condition. And yes that’s the result of many diet programs that start with body-shaming causes which make rebound reactions fatal.
If you really need to lose weight, do so for your health and not because the kid next to your house bullies you about that double chin every time. Many a women suffer from this debilitating condition as they’re more emotional in nature. This feelings of resent won’t help at all. Stop thinking something’s wrong with your body. If you’ve achieved that mindset, then you’ll be physically and emotionally ready for diets that WORK. Do not be part of statistics depicting girls perceiving themselves overweight when they’re clearly not.

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