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What are different type of boots for riding?

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The best boots for riding will keep you confident on your horse, provide extra safety and allow you to perform at your peak. But choosing the best riding boots is not an easy work. Although riding boots are made especially for one purpose, they also come in different sizes, functions and styles that you have to consider before choosing.

#1 Tall boots

Tall boots usually reach up to the beneath the knee of the rider and prevents the stirrups and saddle from scrape against the rider’s leg. That means this boost will help protect the rider’s lower leg.
It traditionally pull on or may have a full-length zipper in the back to make them easier for rider to get on and off. Most riding boots you can see on the show or dress boots or hunt boots are designed as tall boots. However, it is important to know foot size as well as calf length and circumference at the widest part when choosing the size of tall boots.

#2 Field Boots

Field boots are also often long boots, but they equip with a lacing hardware at the front of the ankle, which provide greater flexibility to the base and also allow for more room when the foot is in the boot.
This type of boot is favoured by rider in the eventing and jumping disciplines because they allow more flexible movement and stirrup handling.

#3 Dress boots

If you are looking for the stylish boots, you can choose this type of boots. Dress boots are more formal than field boots and are used by fox hunters and dressage riders, who are usually dress Spanish tops that extend up the outside of the rider’s knee.
These boots provide additional protection for the feet and legs during rides but they seem to be not suitable for field jobs like the field boots.

#4 Short Boots

Short boots, also called paddock boots or jodhpur boots. They are one of the most popular choice. They are short, com up to the ankle. They are easy to fit, like other casual shoes, and they are very easy to maintain. Moreover, they are less expensive for riders in compare with other types.
They also offer a more informal look that can be worn around as well as while pleasure riding. They are ideal booth for you for rising as well as doing errands in the farm.

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