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What is the best bowfishing arrow material should your buy?

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There are two important factors that you should keep an eye on when choosing the best bowfishing arrow are the type of tip and the arrow material. The materials also determine the arrow is heavy and study to keep enough power underwater to penetrate fish.

Hitting your target right on the spot require not only mastery of skills but also the suitable arrow. This post will explant some bowfishing arrow material and our advice for choosing that may help you improve your accuracy when shooting.

#1 Fiberglass

If you do not have too much requirement, this material is more than enough to use. This is one of the most common types of arrow that you can easy buy. It is especially suitable if you have limited budget because its economical price tag.

However, it is not the most study material, the pine can be compromised. But most of fiberglass arrows can use for long time without wear and rust.

#2 Carbon

Many newer types of bowfishng arrows are made of carbon. You can easy buy this common arrow. It also tends to be on the higher end of the market. It will maintain the tightness and straightness better than fiberglass one. Due to its higher quality, you can also expect that it is going to make more accurate shots.

Carbon fiber also provide a good ability of being impact, what make it durable and tough that can be able to tolerate even a higher draw weight.

#3 Hybrids

As the mane suggest, this material is the combination of fiberglass and carbon. This combination makes up the good arrow that includes the best of both 2 materials. That means it is bring the benefits of the two materials, straight pine, durable, tough.

You can expect excellent performance without the need to spend too much. It is not as expensive as carbon.

#4 What is the best bowfishing arrow material?

The most suitable bowfishing arrow material for you is depend on your requirements. If you are an average bowfisher, then the fiberglass arrow is more than enough for your needs. It could complete the work well with a affordable price. It can withstand abuse and wear, although sometimes, the straightness and spine are compromised.

However, if you are after larger game, in the competition, the carbon shaft is better option, It has the a straighter and tighter spine and also offer the better accuracy and precision. The only downside is that it is quite costly.

Hybris is the safer options, it is what you looking for if want an arrow that lasts long but will not break the bank.

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