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What are the different types of cheese slicer wirecutter?

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When it comes to cutting cheese, the main challenge is finding a slicer that prevents your food from turning into a mushy mess. Instead of struggling with kitchen knives to get the perfect cut, the best cheese slicer wirecutter will produce uniform and even cuts.

In order to help you select the top cheese cutter for yourself, there are two main types of cheese slicer wirecutter and what you should look for when buying wire replacement for your cheese slicer.


#1 What types of cheese slicers wirecutter are available?

Generally speaking, the two primary types of slicers available are Rolling Cheese Slicers and Board Cheese Slicers

Rolling cheese slicers are typically handheld that constructed from stainless steel. They are include a roller added parallel to the cutting wire to assist with the easy movement of the slicer. This type of slicer wirecutter offer durability and save on space.

If you are looking for the sicer that can cut hard and semi-soft cheeses in different thickness, then thic slicer is ideal for you.

Board cheese slicers constructed from a wire cutter and attached base. This type of cheese clicers offer convenience with a board to serve as a serving plate or as a cutting board. There are some different materials of boards you can choose such as marble, wood, and stainless steel.

The marble platform will keep your cheese fresh for longer. Wood is the good options to reduce your effort of maintenance. And stailess steel make a durable and strength cutting board.

#2 Advantages and Disadvantages of wirecutter slicer types

With the rolling cheese slicers you can easy clean an maintain them as most handheld slicers are a convenient, dishwasher safe option. Further more, you you want to keep your counter spaces clear, you should go with a smaller handheld slicer they can quickly pop in and out of a drawer instead.

On the other hand, board cheese slicers are wiped clean using a dish towel and water and you cannot clean it with a dish washer. This is also the largest type of cheese cutter that means it will take you more space on your counter top. However, the board can be used as a serving platter for the cheese. It also ideal if you prefer to keep your kitchen ready with pieces to use.

#3 Which cheese slicer replacement wire do you need?

It is always better to ensure that you get the slicers will enable one to make changes of wire when worn out. Make sure the wire on your cheese cutter is always sharp so that you can easily slice through block after block.

You can easy find the replacement wire for your wirecutter. It should be made of sturdy material, typically treated steel. Treated steel is sharp enough to slice on various kinds of cheeses.

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