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How to properly use and maintain the cheese slicer wirecutter?

If you are a cheese lover and you care about having uniform, aesthetically pleasing slices of cheese, then adding a best cheese slicer wirecutter to your arsenal of kitchen is absolutely essential. I used to try cutting my cheese with many kinds of knife and I know that it is very difficult to maintain uniform cuts and avoid the cheese is crumbed.

If you have never had a cheese slicer before, but you know it would make the perfect addition to your kitchen, then don’t worry, this guide will show you some tips of using your cheese slicer wirecutter and how to properly maintain it.

 #1 My cheese slicing tips with wirecutter

Before you slice your cheese, take it out of refrigerator and wait until your cheese reaches room temperature to get the best result.

Cut slowly and cut in a single fluid motion. There is no need to rush.

If you are using the rolling cheese slicers, then the angle you hold it and the pressure you apply on the cheese will impact on the thickness of the slices.

Different type of cheese should be cut in different way. For example, hard cheese should be cut lengthwise to form rectangular slices. Make rectangular cuts for triangular cheese. Cut the round cheese into quarter and in half.

Always clean the cheese slicer after using or the next cheese you going to cut may get the bacteria.

To ensure your safety, place the board on the surface and the cheese on a flat if you used hand-held slicer.

#2 How to slice a cheese perfectly with wirecutter?

A cheese slicer wirecutter is ideal to cut medium-hard or medium-soft cheeses. You just need to lift up on the handle of the slicer and press the cheese on the cut line of the broad. Press down on the handle to make the wire cut the cheese. Then pull back on the block of cheese to split the slice. You can easily make the slices as thick as you want. A normal slice is around 0.12 to 0.25 inches thick.

#3 How to clean and maintain the cheese slicer wirecutter?

In order to jeep the cheese slicer in a good condition for long year, you should clean the slicer every day with warm water and mid cleanser.

Remember to never use a hard scrubber or a scratch pad for your slicer.

Create the habit of clean and disinfect the slicer after every use.

Spray on the disinfectant and air dry it.

Replace the wire frequently as required; a sharp cutting edge cuts better.

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