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Best Hot Glue Gun For Woodworking Buying Guide

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The best hot glue gun is a device that brings convenience and helps you quickly complete your craft project. It is no exception with woodworking.
You will no longer have to melt the glue yourself to complete your project. With the best hot glue gun for woodworking, you will be able to work more flexibly, safely and quickly.
Currently on the market there are many models of glue gun. The choice will become a lot simpler if you consider some of the following factors before buying.

#1 Wattage

Glue gun usually has a capacity of about 120 Watts and this is a number that can ensure a fast working performance. You can also choose a glue gun with a lower capacity if the demand is not large.

You should also choose devices with an on / off switch. Some products without switches will only increase the risk of accidents and consume more electricity.
An on / off switch will also ensure the glue gun has a break to reduce the temperature when not in use. It will also increase the shelf life of the product.

#2 Mini or Industrial Glue Guns

The choice between mini glue gun or industrial glue gun depends on the needs and scale of your craft project.
Mini glue guns often used with small craft projects. Even children can use it for their creative projects.
An industrial glue gun is more suitable for large craft projects. For those who often use a glue gun, this is a suitable option.
And industrial glue guns are also used by many professional craftsmen. This is an equipment that is not possible for woodworking.

#3 Glue gun Stand

A glue gun is safe to have support for glue gun to stand in the break.
This factor will ensure the user does not burn when the glue gun is at rest. It also helps to extend the life of the product.

#4 Cord

The cord of glue gun should have a good length so that the user can use the device flexibly. If the cord is too short, users will not be able to apply glue to the hard to reach places.

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