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Buying Guide: Best Musky Rods

Do you love fishing as a sport? Do you want to enjoy going out on a fishing trip on a Sunday bright morning with your family, but don’t have the right fishing rod to do so? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then I got the answer for you. I will show you guys 2 of the best musky rods you can buy for the money from the market. All you guys have to do is pick out the one that best fits your needs. So pull out your notebooks and pads because this is going to be important.

#1 Okuma Evx Muskie

This musky rod is used for musks which are very small and lightweight, like about 15 Ibs. This is a very good fishing rod if you are fishing in a nearby lake for these musks. They have 40 tons of carbon fibre which make it look clean and be strong enough to catch a lot of fish. It is a pretty light rod, so you can fish all day without breaking and tearing your arms. It also has a lifetime warranty, so if you try it and it does not work, you can always return it to the seller and get your money back.

#2 St Croix Mojo Musky

This is probably the best musky rod for the money. The rod is very long, ranging from 7’2″ up to 8’6 in length. It is durable because of its SCLL and graphite blend body. But, what is by far the best thing about this musky rod is that it is very cheap and you can get a 5-year warranty with it. I recommend you guys to just buy it to try it out, and if it does not work for you and your preference, just send it back. But, I think you guys might like this one.

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