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What are the safety rules when using paintball sniper?

The best paintball sniper for group game can improve the accuracy of your shot and enhance the power of the shot. Due to that, it also very painful if you are shot. Paintballing is great activity that we can play in the group but it’s important to note that getting hit with a paintball is not always the most pleasant experience.

Regardless if you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran out there on the field, you also should know some basic safety rules to ensure the safety and reduces the rick for both you and other players on the field.

#1 Always wear the mask when playing

During the game, remember the wear your mask all the times. Do not take your mask off in the range of the field and especially dead zone. This is the immutable rule and no exceptions. Keep masks on until barrel plugs have been placed back on all loaded guns.

The most severe paintball injuries usually occur because someone take the mask of when the game still going.

#2 No Blind Firing

Do not fire if you are hold the eye down and you do not really know exactly what you are firing at. Blind firing can lead to the risk that you shoot at the player that are ending the game at this moment, referees, animals, or something you should not shoot.

#3 Shoot with the speed less than 300 FPS

It is recommended to keep the speed of the paintball under 300 feet per second, it is better to under 280 fps. Sniper speeds can be timed with a paintball chronograph, you should purchase on one of the timer and control it.

If you set the velocities of the paintball at above 300 FPS, it can cause the vary painfully and even serious injure such as severe welts and broken skin, while under 280 FPS only cause small bruises for people.

#4 Barrel plug or barrel sock

You have to find a method to protect you and other players from the paintballs. All the sniper should be blocks to prevent the unexpected paintballs are shot. Safeties of the sniper are great option that should be use, however they often fail or are not properly used.

Therefore, you can block your paintball sniper by barrel plug or barrel sock. Unless everyone has wear the mask on, you should not take out your barrel plugs.

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