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Best reef LED lighting: MarsAqua Dimmable LED Coral Reef Light vs Aquatic Life Reef Edge LED

If you are planning to purchase on the lighting system for your reef tank, then nothing better than the best LED aquarium lighting. The LED light will not only create an attractive appearance for your fish tank but it is also necessary for the development of the corals and plants inside the tank. One more main attraction of LED light is the power savings features.

However, as the market is filled with many different types and brands of LED reef lights, it is not easy to choose the best one that perfectly suits your tank. This post is the things you need to know about reef LED light and we have come up top 2 best reef LED lighting: MarsAqua Dimmable LED Coral Reef Light vs Aquatic Life Reef Edge LED.

#1 Tank size

Before purchase on the LED light system for your coral reef tank, ensure that this is can be able to install into your tank.  Mars Aqua light featured with a double universal cascade.

It will provide enough light for up to 55 gallons tank (one light is ideal for 30 inches x 24 inches coverage). But if you have a bigger tank, you can series multiple sets of LED lights together at the same time without requiring more sockets.

Aquatic Life reef edge comes in two sizes 36 inches and 48 inches, which are fit the most common tank size. It includes the adjustable width aquarium frame mounts with extendable arms safely to install the fixture above any tank size. For example, 48 inches model can be adjusted to fit with aquarium frames between 47 inches and 50,25 inches wide.

#2 Full spectrum

What is the best light spectrum for corals? Blue and violet seem to provide the best light spectrum for corals.

The Mars Aqua LED light is full spectrums needs with two combinations of lighting beam settings that are designed to improve the growth of the aquatic plant and healthy coral. These two lighting beams come with two different switches for separately adjusting.

Channel one includes Violet (420nm), Royal Blue (450nm), Blue (470nm). And channel two includes Green (520nm), Red (660nm), Neutral White (6500K), Cool White (12000K).

The Aquatic Life reef edge LED Fixtures to incorporate six colors of LED’s to ensure a full spectrum of light for your aquariums. It includes (27) 9K White, (69) Blue 454nm, (9) Blue 440nm, (3) Violet 420nm, (3) Violet 400 nm, (6) Red LED’s, which is offering 3 channels of lighting.

#3 Mode and Features

Mars Aqua provides two modes are day & night lighting effects, which mimic natural light to help corals get the best balance thanks to two channels of lighting beam. Two channels of brightness also can be adjusted from 0% to 100% separately.

It also uses advanced high-speed quite fans of blowing air, which keeps the cooling performance and heat dissipation all the time.

Aquatic life offers three channel timers, which is programmed to slowly turn on or off in order to create the lighting effects of Sunrise and Sunset and the shimming blue glow of Moonlights.

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