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What are the best type of mag fed paintball marker for you?

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When it comes to best type of mag fed painball marker, then it is means that the term best is relative term in most cases but not all the cases, especially in terms of paintball markers. The mag fed paintball marker is considered as good or not also depend on your personality styles, the conditions of use, etc.

The best mag fed paintball marker might be different for different people. This guide will give you some tips and factors to consider that helps you choose the mag fed paintball marker best suit you.

#1 Mag fed Vs Dual-feed guns

It is obvious that Mag fed play tends to be more tactical and offers a pinch of realism. However, I more prefer to use dual feed guns, I use them mag fed as well as with the traditional loader. The ability to use a standard hopper of mag fed gun make it more effectively and flexible in the non-mag-fed paintball games.

This type of marker allows you to switch between mag-fed for accurate shots and standard hopper for accuracy by volume.

#2 Co2 cartridges Vs standard air tank

A CO2 cartride has a realistic look and lighter than a standard air tank model. But i would recommend you to use a standard air tank. It allow you to shoot more before needed to be refill. Therefore, you do not have to worry about running out of cartridges wile playing, carrying more extra cartridges or changing a cartridge in the middle of play.

If you care about the weigh, so he tank is held on your body and not on the gun will be better for movement.

#3 Choosing the mag fed marker with large capacity of magazine

The capacity if the magazines taht your painball marker can hold at once times is very important. Somw maf fed marker only offer 7 round magazine. That means you will have to change magazines and reload more frequently while playing.

I would recommed you to carry at least two magazines but it is better and more convinient to have four to six magazines. You also should choose the mag fed marker that has larger capacity of magazine. Some of them can contain up tp 30 rounds, that means you just need tp carry much less magazines than if you only had 7 round magazine.