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About Us

Tucked away in a hidden corner of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, Crater Lake offers a stirring encounter with wild Africa, just ninety minute’s drive from downtown Nairobi. This magical lakeside lodge is the perfect stopover en route to the Nakuru and the Maasai Mara game parks, as well as a romantic getaway by itself! History […]

Accommodation Rates

High Season Rack Rates – April 1st to June 30th, 2010/2011 RESIDENT BB HB FB Single Room 4,560 5,510 6,460 Double Room 7,700 9,600 11,500 Honeymoon Suite 9,950 11,850 13,750 Third Adult Sharing 2,335 3,285 4,235 Children 2 – 12 yrs 2,240 2,715 3,190 Reservation Toll Free: 1-888-790-5264 NON RESIDENT BB US$ HB US$ FB […]


This is the heart of what the Kenyan settlers called “Happy Valley”, that lush oasis where the early European farmers forged their first links with the African soil. Today, the fine living of that elegant era has been recreated in this luxurious tented camp on the shores of Crater Lake. The spacious eleven tents sit […]

Crater Lake Fact Sheet

Climate The weather is moderately hot most of the year Altitude of Crater Lake 1800m -2000m above sea level Location of Crater Lake 38km From Naivasha town along the Moi South Lake road off Mahi Mahiu Nairobi Highway. It’s a mere one and half hours drive from the nation’s capital on 1138kilometers of a good […]

Camping Rates

Own TentCrater Lake Adults Kshs 500 per night or $6 Children Kshs 250 per night or $3 Tent Hire(from the Camp & inclusive of bedding) Kshs 1,500 per person Kshs  2,500 two people sharing Kshs 3,000 three people sharing Camping with Meals [email protected] Ksh 5,000 FB per person FB [email protected] Ksh 8,000 FB for two […]

Choosing an ideal snake pet

Snakes are awesome creatures and with proper handling, they become awesome pets. Be that as it may, snakes are clearly not meant for everybody. They have exceptional necessities and should only by those prepared to give them the special care they require. In the event that you are new to pet snakes, discover what you […]

Selecting an ideal pig breed for your farm

Are you considering raising pigs on your farm and you want to find out if it would be a great idea? Are you also thinking about what breed to get? What breeds you can lay your hands on? What are the advantages and disadvantages of various pig breeds? Commercial Pigs “Processing plant” raised pigs, brought […]

Milk and king snakes

Milk and king snakes are excellent, docile snakes. Milk and king snakes are firmly related, both belonging to the Lamproletis family, and there are a few subspecies of both milk and king snakes. Patterns and colors differ between the subspecies, but there are many striking and delightful patterns to be found among these snakes. Choosing […]

What retained eye caps implies on snakes

Snakes don’t actually have eyelids. Rather, they have a special kind of adjusted scales over their eyes called spectacles (or eye caps) that protects the eyes. Amid a typical shedding cycle, the eye caps are expected to fall off. In certain cases, one or both eye caps are retained. This regularly occurs in snakes with swelling […]

What to do to improve your golf swing tempo

Lexi Thompson and Lydia Ko have a similar swing beat? That’s a fact! About each expert golfer, both sexes, has indistinguishable time proportion in their swing, a typical ratio between downswing and takeaway. It is an uncommon event when I don’t spend time working on swing tempo when I practice golf. To me, it is […]