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Child Safety Seat: Its Development And Tips For Parents

Apart from having the airbags functioning and the seat belts fastened to their seats, family people with kids should make it a priority to secure their kids in the vehicle. For my part, when my kiddy was growing up, I discovered the best method to ensure his mobility safety, and that was a car seat stroller combo.

With this, I killed two birds with one stone. So you might be asking yourself what a car seat stroller combo is and its development history? That is why today, we decided to shade full light of this device.

So, what is a car seat stroller combo?

To better understand this, we shall first focus on baby car seats.

A baby car seat, also baby safety seat or infant safety seat is a special type of seat that allows for the safe sitting of the baby in the vehicle in order to avoid injuries to the child in case of an accident.

A baby stroller, on the other hand, is a small carriage with a seat and small wheels which is meant to help the child move around by pushing.

Hence, therefore, a car seat stroller combo is a combination of the two. A car seat that can be fastened to either a car or custom made carrier.

How then did the baby car seat stroller combo come to exist?

The automobile industry has been moving at a high speed in terms of the development and improvement of the safety and comfortability of the vehicle. One of these safety developments of the child safety seat. The advent of child car safety seats came as a mistake. 

You might be surprised to realize that child car safety seats were not meant for safety purposes. Instead, it was a new and fancy 1930s tech of raising the height of a child to the level of a driving parent. This was meant to give the parent an easy time driving while keeping an eye on their children.

Then something happened in the 1960s

As the seat belts were being redesigned to be a sensible accessory in vehicles, the child car seat got a boost to a car safety seat thanks to Jean Ames. On realizing that too much attention was given to the adults in the vehicle, he decided to make a child safety seat by adding more passive security restrains. His model consisted of a y shaped strap that held the baby safely in place in the vehicle. This first innovative child safety seat faced the rare of the vehicle. Back in America, Mr. Leonard Rivkin was busy developing a completely different model with the sole intention of protecting a child in a vehicle. His model was forward-facing, unlike Jean’s model, also, instead of the Y-shaped strap to hold the child in position, the child was protected by the help of a metal frame.

What are the neglected precautions that parents should take when using a child safety seat stroller combo?

Child safety seats are used by most parents all over the world. It is, however, a saddening fact that above half of these parent population do it the bad way. Since a child safety seat offers indirect restraint, parents have to observe its fixing rules to the letter for effectiveness to be achieved. Some of these are:

Choose a stroller that fits your child’s age

Most strollers are designed to go with the child’s age, so are child safety car seats. Therefore, when choosing the right child safety seat stroller combo, you got to make sure that it is designed for a child’s age.

Always remember that the car safety car seat does not come in to fully relieve you of your duties

Immediately after you pull over, ensure your baby is shifted from the child safety seat is shifted to the stroller. This is because when your child stays relaxed or sleeping in the car safety seat, they might develop breathing problems and lead to the development of a flat spot behind your baby’s head. So, ensure that your kiddy does not spend more than two hours seated in the safety seat stroller combo.  

Do this for babies with special needs

Ensure that the car seat stroller combo comes with extra space to keep the child’s accessories and medicine. Ensure also that you consult a specialist or maybe a similar but experienced parent, they can give you the best advice.

Hey! And do not forget the brakes, your stroller needs to have some functional brakes or else your child goes driving uncontrollably downhill


The car safety seat stroller combo came as a handy helper to many parents. Careful use of this equipment can make your child the most comfortable infant, but if you let go off the rules, then it might turn out to be the worst decision you ever made. Ensure that you take care and let your child enjoy the fruits of this gradually developed present especially for him or her.



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