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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Size of the Crater Lake Camp Naivasha?
Crater lake camp is 10,000-acre game sanctuary.

2) Altitude of Crater Lake?
1800m -2000m above sea level.

3) Location of Crater Lake
38km From Naivasha town along the Moi South Lake road off Mahi Mahiu Nairobi Highway.
It’s a mere one and half hours drive from the nation’s capital on 1138kilometers of a good road. Contiguous with Hells Gate National Park.

4) Photography possibilities at Crater Lake?
The Crater lake is a photographer’s paradise – using Nature walk, Boat ride, or Game drive vehicles.

5) Are Walking Safaris possible in Crater Lake?
Yes, experienced Naturalist guides conduct walking safaris in the surrounding all through to Game sanctuary.

6) Are Bird Walks allowed in Crater Lake?
Bird Nature Walks conducted by a well-known resident naturalist / ornithologist.

7) What kinds of animals are there in Crater Lake Camp?
Apart from the flamingoes and various other exotic birds, giraffes, Antelope family we also have all the big five except the elephant, Rhino and  Lion.

8) Does Crater Lake Camp accept credit cards?
Yes from foreign currency to Kenyan only

9) What types of rooms do you have at Crater Lake and how many?
Luxury Tents and 1 Honeymoon Suite which has a double Jacuzzi.

10) Is Crater Lake Camp a malaria prone area?

11) Do you have Internet facilities at Crater Lake?
No, e-mail only.

12) Are there conference facilities at Crater lake and how big are they?
Yes, 1 well equipped conference room with capacities of 15 U-shaped & 25 Theatre style.

13) Do you have Camping facilities at Crater Lake camp?

14) How is the road from the main gate at Crater Lake Camp?
It is a murram road (all weather).