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How to choose the wirecutter best mandoline?

If you do not have a lot of cooking skills and your knife skills are not high, then cooking is not your preferred choice.

Cutting pieces of tomatoes or other tubers into thin slices to make a salad may take you an hour. However, if you own a wirecutter best mandoline, everything will be completely different.

This tool does not require you to have experience, you just need to ensure your hand safety.

With a mandoline, you will be able to save a lot of time preparing for the cooking process. You will not need to worry about your skills using knives or pieces of vegetables that are not as thin as you want.

To save you some research and time, here are some things you should consider before buying a mandoline:

#1 Blades

Mandoline’s blade is the key factor that determines the quality of the product. There are three types of blades corresponding to the three types of mandoline: French mandolines, Japanese mandolines and V-blade slicers.

French mandolines usually have a straight blade while Japanese mandolines have angled blades and V-blade slicers, of course a V-shaped blade.

Whatever the shape, the blade must be sharp to be able to slice vegetables easily.

The blade should also be made of material that does not easily rust and scratch. Stainless steel is an ideal material for mandoline blades.

#2 Durability

A mandoline should be highly durable to avoid having to invest too much. Investing in a durable mandoline also means you can save a decent amount of money.

Pay attention to the material of the blade, as mentioned above, it should be made of stainless steel.

The material of the body of the mandoline should be made of material that can withstand high pressure from external agents. And it should also be made of rust and water resistant material.

High quality plastic is the most economical and affordable option.

#3 Safety feature

A mandoline usually has a very sharp blade so whenever you can cut your hand if you are negligent. So choose a mandoline that comes with a hand guard to prevent those accidents from happening.

Buying Guide: Best Ir Illuminator for Hunting

Of late, there has been an increased growth for night hunting sports. The game is enhanced by the use of a night vision device. In this case, an IR illuminator will be one of the best options that are used alongside night vision devices. Because IR illuminator comes in different forms, it is essential to shedding light on the beginner and any other user willing to purchase one. Although the best IR illuminator looks ten same, it is necessary to understand the significant aspect that differentiates them. This way, you will be in a position to make the appropriate choice for the best type if IR illuminator to purchase.

One factor that you should be concrete about is whether the IR illuminator is visible. In almost every case, the illuminator is not visible by human eyes unless one looks directly and at a close range at the bulb. Unless you look through a night vision device, it will be impossible for you to see the beam of light.

Another factor that the best IR illuminator for hunting that the user or the buyer should put into considerations whether the animals can see the IR light. As described in the previous point, it will be next to impossible for the animal to see the right form the IR illuminator. In addition to the visibility of the device, it will be essential to check whether the device has an option either to illuminate an object at a far distance or a floodlight for the purpose at a shorter distance.

The presence of an adjustable mount must make it possible to attach the illuminator onto a weaver rail. The ability to mount the An IR illuminator will allow you to use more than one weapon. Additionally, the ability to mount an IR illuminator will be time-saving. This means that you will not be limited by whatever will come on your way.

Finally, you should check the best long range IR illuminator to be purchase for the presence of a low thermal resistance property. This will help in the prevention of overheating of the device.

Click here for more information scopes & sights.

How to Use Weight Loss Supplements

With a host of weight loss pills and supplements out there it can be hard to know where to start and who you can trust. Many of these over-the-counter supplements are not approved by the FDA so it is always a good idea to speak to a professional before using them to make sure they are suitable for you and not likely to be harmful to your long-term health.

In this blog post, we take a look at two of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market: Herbalife and Metamucil and see how these can be used for weight loss.

Using weight loss supplements

When it comes to losing weight the old method is still the best: eating healthily and taking part in regular exercise. For some excellent healthy recipe ideas to help with weight loss check out our blog post here.

However, if you do decide to go down the weight loss supplement route you should always consult your physician first and look into the possible side effects of taking a weight loss pill or supplement.

How To Use Herbalife For Maximum Weight Loss

Herbalife offer various weight loss programs that generally revolve around their meal-replacement shakes. They also offer metabolism-boosting supplements and supplements which manage blood sugars and digestion. It can be an expensive program to follow and, while offering quick results, may not be a sustainable method of losing weight in the long run.

To use Herbalife for maximum weight loss you will need to get in contact with your local Herbalife independent distributor. They will inform you about the right program for you and should encourage you to check with your physician before beginning the course.

How to Take Metamucil for Weight Loss

Studies have shown that as little as 5% of Americans consume the recommended daily dose of fiber (38-grams for men and 25-grams for women) from the food they eat. This can lead to constipation and even putting on weight. The Metamucil fiber supplement aims to aid with all of these issues and in just 2-weeks people can start to feel lighter and notice weight loss by adding this supplement into their diet. Remember to always check with your physician before implementing the Metamucil program.

So, how do you use Metamucil for weight loss? Here are 4 quick steps to take you through the first 2-weeks:

  1. Start with adding 1 daily teaspoon of Matamucil to a cup of juice or water.
  2. Don’t increase the dose for at least 3 days as you may experience bloating and discomfort. This is normal but should pass in a few days.
  3. If you start feeling the benefits of improved digestion and increasing regularity when it comes to visiting the toilet and ‘passing on the goods’, as it were, then you can try increasing the dose up to a maximum of 3 teaspoons a day. However, for the first two weeks at least it is best to stick with the base dose.
  4. After 2-weeks, some people notice they feel less sluggish due to improved digestive health.

Losing weight can be a difficult journey to go on so it can be tempting to have the helping hand of weight loss pills or supplements. Always make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of such assistance in terms of achieving sustainable weight loss and also check out any side effects as well as consulting an expert before taking anything.

Best Purple Strains

The cannabis strains that grow in the harsh environment produce a purple pigment or anthocyanins. The purple strains are among the best marijuana varieties and are quite expensive. Years of cross-breeding have brought about numerous purple strains, hardened to accommodate different weather conditions.

Purple strains are ideal for the outdoor conditions, but you can still find those that do well indoors. The following discussion includes helpful information on how to choose the best purple strains.

  • Best Indica Strains
  • Best Sativa Strains
  • Best Purple Strains
  • Best strains to grow in a Greenhouse
  • Best Kush strains
  • Best Online Seed Banks That Ship To USA

Top 13 Best Purple Strains

#1 Purple Haze

Purple Haze is, without a doubt, among the best purple outdoor strains at the moment. Named after Jimi Hendrix, Purple Haze is claimed to increase physical and mind energy.

The users of the Purple Haze strain claim its effectiveness in cramp reduction, headaches, healing, and stress reduction. It is common among people that wanted to enhance their social skills during a gig. But Purple Haze is not for everyone, especially those that experience panic and paranoia.

Purple Haze is easy to grow, with a short flowering period.

#2 Purple Trainwreck

The purple trainwreck is medically used to manage pain, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea. It has long-lasting effects that possibly last throughout the night, providing relief. Purple Trainwreck is the blending of indica and sativa strains, responsible for the mind and body effects, respectively.

The purple trainwreck has an exceptional blend of flavors that include lavender citrus and pine.

#3 Purple #1

The legendary strain whose use can be dated back to the 80s is best known for its first hitting high. The high goes as fast as it comes. Purple #1Is associated with some euphoria and mind relaxation that makes the experience all worth it.

The yields are average, and do exceptionally well, outdoors.

#4 Shaman

The euphoria and psychedelic feelings are characteristic of Shaman. Just as the name suggests, the blue-purple strain is real magic. The strain can help with various medical conditions such as arthritis, depression, and migraines.

However, people with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and PTSD would best stay away from the strain. The original taste that consists of earthy, spicy, citrus and a mix of flower flavor is something to look forward to for the weed connoisseurs. We cannot forget to mention that it is one of the best purple outdoor strains for the people with a green thumb.

#5 Purple Afghan Kush

The best purple indica strains have a special relaxing effect. Its potency and flavor are unique, and you can tell it apart from the others, especially if you are a weed enthusiast.

The THC concentration of purple Afghan Kush is around 25% and the best for both recreational and medicinal purposes. It has a sweet and fruity aroma, characteristically apple, grapes, or pineapple.

#6 Deep Purple

A berry-rich and sweet smoke from the Deep Purple is among the factors that cannabis connoisseurs look forward to. It is undeniably one of the best tasting purple strains.

The sedative effects of Deep Purple make it ideal for helping with chronic pain and insomnia. It is a couch lock strain and must be ready for inactivity after taking it.

#7 Purple OG 18

The good-looking cannabis strain has a characteristic intense high that affects both body and mind. It has a strong taste, and the effects include sleepiness and lack of focus. Take it late in the evening when you don’t have a lot to do.

And similar to the other strains, you can use OG 18 for stress reduction insomnia and pain. It is easy to breed.

#8 Las Vegas Purple Kush BX

The purple Kush has a lavender flavor whose effects can be quite overpowering. It is a cloned strain, and the quality of the seeds may vary significantly. Even though the seeds are tough to get, you can grow the purple Kush strain from cuttings.

#9 Purple Stilton Autoflowering

Purple stilton has a high CBD content, and its medicinal value is above most other purple strains. It has a relaxing and happy feel, even euphoria, depending on the dose. Purple stilton is impressive-looking, and its small height makes it possible to grow it in balconies.

#10 LSD-25

LSD-25 has a reputation as among the most potent strains. Tread carefully if you are a beginner. It has a psychedelic and euphoric effect, and can as well, enhance a lot of creativity. The strain is simple to grow, but you must always remember to hydrate it properly.

#11 GDP

The immensely yielding strain is popular because of its therapeutic benefits. It can help with insomnia, pain, stress, and depression among others. The strain has a short flowering period of about 60 days, and you don’t have to wait for too long.

#12 Ayahuasca Purple

Ayahuasca Purple is also one of the toughest to breed from seeds because of the various backgrounds. The strain has a unique potency that makes an effort, all worth it. The couch-lock and deep relaxation feeling associated with the cannabis strain are best experienced during the evening, and not any other time of the day that you need to be active.

#13 Purple Paro Valley

Undoubtedly the best purple sativa strains, the Purple Paro Valley has shorter buds, a short flowering period, and a short stature. It is, therefore, easy to cultivate, which is pretty much unlike the other strains in this list.

Purple Paro Valley has two phenotypes; purple and green. The first one is more attractive than the first one. However, the green strain has shorter flowering period and is easier to cultivate.

The strain can help with pain, anxiety, and stress. Its aroma and taste are unique and not like any other.

Cannabinoids Vs Opioids, Which is More Effective at Treating Pain?

Cannabis has all the earmarks of being a powerful pain killer, to such an extent that it might possibly fill in as a substitute for opioid treatments for pain. In the event that this turns into a reality, it could have some life-sparing results, offering patients a far more secure and maybe progressively powerful alternative. A paper published inside the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs expresses that “there is a developing collection of proof to support the utilization of restorative cannabis as a subordinate to or substitute for prescription opiates in the treatment of chronic pain.”

This examination affirms that cannabis can help to partially substitute opioids and help to reduce the damage brought about by this family of drug. In any case, can the herb totally replace opioids with regards to soothing pain?

You can use a number of  products such as Best Soil for Outdoor Cannabis to plant cannabis.

Further research

A few patients appear to incline toward utilizing cannabis instead of opioids and suggest that it even works better for them. A paper published inside the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research presents more proof for this.

Analysts utilized a study to gather information from a group of 2897 medicinal cannabis patients during an examination that aimed to study the utilization of cannabis as a substitute for opioids pain medication. 34 percent of the study group expressed that they had utilized opioids pain medication within the past few months. Majority of the study group stated that cannabis use provided them with help with pain that was similarly as viable as that prompted by their other medication but without the undesirable side effects. An enormous 97 percent of the study group stated that they had to drastically reduce the amount of opioids medication that they were taking a result of cannabis use.

Also, 81 percent of the study group expressed that cannabis use alone was more powerful at treating their condition than taking cannabis with other medications.

Cbd vs opioids

CBD or cannabidiol is extraordinarily positioned in view of its non-psychoactive properties. The hemp-derived compound can be taken in moderately high doses with not many side effects. The WHO organization has even gone so far as to release a comprehensive review that states “CBD displays no effects indicative of any abuse or reliance potential”. Just on that announcement alone, one could boldly consider CBD as the preferred treatment for chronic pain, particularly when compared directly to opioid-based medication.

When CBD is taken, it triggers receptors in our endocannabinoid system. These receptors are found all through the brain, organs, and parts of our sensory system. Temporary examinations have shown that by unsettling different receptors, CBD can be helpful in treating the side effects of chronic pain. Skin and injuries. One such type of light treatment is Best CBD Oil in USA

Provisional studies

There is, notwithstanding, much work expected to set up the prescribed dosage of CBD, its necessary concentration, and the best technique of administration. Luckily, research about is growing as the days go by, so the expectation is that it will take time and not questioning if CDB can actually help.

How to easily clean furniture

Furniture is one of the most important elements every where. From the beds to the armchairs and sofas that we usually have in the living room, these elements offer us comfort as well as being useful and essential in the house.

Each appliance has a different cleaning method. However, many overlook the possibility of using products and instruments that are already on hand to perform the cleaning and maintenance of our furniture. It is not always necessary to resort to specialists for it since, sometimes, it is a task that we can perform ourselves, using tools that we have at home.

One of the most common devices at the time of cleaning are the vacuum cleaners, perfect for collecting dust and loose dirt and, even, in more powerful models, to loosen the stagnant dirt. They are the perfect allies when cleaning armchairs or sofas. According to the material they are made of, we can use the vacuum cleaner to rid our furniture of lint or any other accumulation of unwanted particles.

For the cleaning of furniture the first thing we must do is eliminate the dust that has been introduced into the fibers of it. This can be done by using a vacuum cleaner and passing it over the surface of the furniture, since it will help to aspire the dirt particles located in the bottom of the furniture.

The second step to follow is to verify if the furniture has been stained with any substance and, for its cleaning, the use of diluting creams is ideal, which makes it easier to remove this type of dirt. You must remember that if the furniture is lined with fabric, the cream should be specifically for the use of upholstery since the use of a cream that is not for this type of material can go progesivamente spoiling the fabric.

Steam mops can also be used to loosen the dirt that is stuck to the surface. The heat produced by the steamers is a great help to remove stains as it softens deeply stagnant dirt and allows to remove it with great ease. In addition, there are special foams for cleaning furniture, designed to penetrate the fibers of the upholstery to eliminate waste.

Similarly, if the furniture has wooden elements, polishing creams should be used, for its application is advisable to clean it before applying, then apply it and finally, with a cloth, polish the area to achieve a more satisfactory result.

If the furniture has details in carpet or lint fabric, cleaning should be done with much more care since this type of material tends to accumulate more amounts of dirty than any other. There are, in the same way, products of natural and ecological origin that can be used for this and thus avoid the deterioration of the furniture such as vinegar and bicarbonate, for example, perfect substances to disinfect, dismantle and deodorize without having the risk of discolouring. upholstery.

For leather furniture, care must be even more rigorous. The accumulation of moisture should be avoided and any spillage should be removed immediately. Likewise, the leather must be nourished to avoid its dryness and that cracks may form.

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Fact Sheet


The weather is moderately hot most of the year

Altitude of Crater Lake

1800m -2000m above sea level

Location of Crater Lake

38km From Naivasha town along the Moi South Lake road off Mahi Mahiu Nairobi Highway. It’s a mere one and half hours drive from the nation’s capital. Contiguous with Hells Gate National Park.


The average temperatures are 27°C during the day and 18°C during the night

Reccomended Attire

The camp site is informal. Comfortable clothes are recommended, e.g. casual wear, hats and sweaters for the evening. Trainers are the most ideal footwear.

Reccomended Equipment

Cameras, extra films, binoculars, Hats, Sunscreen,

Important Information

  • Number of tents: 11
  • Number of honeymoon Suites with Jacuzzi: 1
  • Number of family Banda: 1
  • Bed types available: Single / Double / Twin / Triple
  • Children: Child friendly environment
  • Mosquito nets: Yes
  • Private flush toilet: Yes
  • Private shower: Yes
  • Hot Water: 24 hours
  • Security: All tents lockable
  • Safe: At main reception
  • Personal bars: On request
  • Telephone: At main reception
  • Mobile phones: Network very good
  • Room Service: 24 hours
  • Check in: 10am
  • Check out: 11am
  • Power: Electricity
  • Invertors for charging cell phones: Available at reception
  • First aid kit: Available at reception
  • Excursions: Drinks and Food available on sale

Restaurant and Dining

The main Restaurant and dining area consists of a high thatch roof, with an African rustic verandah which gives a breath taking view of the Crater Lake.

Drinks and snacks are available in our restaurant throughout the day. After a long eventful day, what better way to unwind than to take a few drinks by our ‘bone fire’.

Meals can be enjoyed either in the main dinning room, at the verandah or by the fireplace overlooking the beautiful Crater Lake.

Our chefs take great pride in the food served.  All our meals are made with the outmost expertise of the chef making it nothing but mouth watering.  We cater for a wide range of tastes including vegetarian specialties.

Welcome to Crater Lake Camp

Tucked away in a hidden corner of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, Crater Lake offers a stirring encounter with wild Africa, just ninety minute’s drive from downtown Nairobi. This magical lakeside lodge is the perfect stopover en route to the Nakuru and the Maasai Mara game parks, as well as a romantic getaway by itself!
History is everywhere at Crater Lake. The 10,000-acre game sanctuary houses the famous hilltop grave where Happy Valley’s tragic heroine, Lady Diana Delamere, is buried with her last two husbands, Gilbert Colvile and Thomas Delamere. For the truly intrepid, there are the mysterious ‘Caves of God’ in the golden wheatfields of Ndabibi, reputed to be an inspiration for H. Rider Haggard’s Allan Quartermain.

Crater Lake Naivasha

The camp is built on the shores of green volcanic like in the bottom of an old volcanic crater.The crater is 87 hectares in extent and the lake takes up to 14 hectares of this area.Over the last four years,the camp has been awarded a total of four awards by the Kenya travel Magazine “Travel News and Lifestyle” including Best tented camp in Kenya and Best Weekend getaway.It has also gained the reputation of being the most romantic camp in Kenya.The camp is open for 24 hours.

The Hotel will organize your full local excursion.


Activities at the camp are centred round nature and wildlife.There are guided nature walks in the crater and the Sanctuary.The bird list is over 400 species,of which it is easy to spot more than 100 species in a day. There are 30 species of wildlife in the sanctuary .At night the Hippo come out of the main Naivasha lake to graze,and it is possible to see the Aardvark and spring hares on night game drives.There is a colony of over 70 Colombus monkeys living here,In addition for the most of the year are Flamingoes covering almost the entire lake,numbers of which can go upto 3-4000 .


The camp comprises of eight double rooms and two permanent family bandas,all which are ensuite with hot and cold showers.Honey moon suite which has a large bush pole bed and double Jacuzzi.All rooms look out over the lake.

There is a fully stocked bar,dining room,verandah and a conference room,and the camp is popularly known for its full meals and snacks.