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Buying Guide: Best Ir Illuminator for Hunting

Of late, there has been an increased growth for night hunting sports. The game is enhanced by the use of a night vision device. In this case, an IR illuminator will be one of the best options that are used alongside night vision devices. Because IR illuminator comes in different forms, it is essential to […]

Best Purple Strains

The cannabis strains that grow in the harsh environment produce a purple pigment or anthocyanins. The purple strains are among the best marijuana varieties and are quite expensive. Years of cross-breeding have brought about numerous purple strains, hardened to accommodate different weather conditions. Purple strains are ideal for the outdoor conditions, but you can still […]

Cannabinoids Vs Opioids, Which is More Effective at Treating Pain?

Cannabis has all the earmarks of being a powerful¬†pain killer, to such an extent that it might possibly fill in as a substitute for opioid treatments for pain. In the event that this turns into a reality, it could have some life-sparing results, offering patients a far more secure and maybe progressively powerful alternative. A […]