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What does the thickness can a meat slicer cut?

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When you are looking for a meat slicer, you will want to get the versatile meal slicer. That means it can be able to cut really thin pieces which are suitable for bacon strips and even cut thick pieces of sausages.

he cutting efficiency of a meat slicer strictly varies from one model to other. Most all the meat slicers today will allow you to adjust the slice thickness. Typically, they can slice meat from super-thin (close to 0.2 mm) to 1 inch in thickness.

#1 Different type of meat slicers

Depending on the type and models of a meat slicer the thickness of its cut differs. There are some types of meat slicers are available in market are manual slicer, automatic meat slicer, flywheel meat slicers, Commercial Meat Slicers. There is no wirecutter meat slicer, wirecutter is only be used to cut cheese, vegetable, ham.

#2 Cutting thickness of meat slicers

Meats slicers can be able to cut raw and uncooked meat, semi frozen meat will different thickness level. But they are not designed to cut the bones or full frozen meat. Here are the thickness levesl of different type meat slicers.

If you have a manual meat slicer, you can adjust it to cat the slices from 0.6 mm to 17 mm. Within a minute, a manual meat slicer can produce 60 meat slices.

automatic slicers are more popular type in the market, It can cut meat piece in the range from 0.5 mm to 25 mm and produce 60 slices per minute.

A flywheel slicer can offer the meat slices as thick as these two slicers above. It can give you meat slices at maximum 4mm.

Commercial-Grade Meat Slicers are perfect to cut the slices of deli as thin as paper to 0,98 thick pieces.

#3 How to adjust the thickness setting of meat slicers?

It is the important factor when you looking for the meat slicer is choosing the one at allow you to easy change the thickness as different receipt will require different thickness pieces of meat. Luckily, mostly electrically operated meat slicers come with this feature.

Connect and turn on the power button of the slicer. The blade should start rotating anticlockwise.

In order to adjust the slice thickness, revolving the slice thick bottom anticlockwise. Turn the fixing positioner to select a cut.

Then, revolving the bottom to the right and make sure that the fixing positioner head touches the plate.

Using the pusher handle and adjustable bottom, move the product carriage onward and rear over the blade in one incessant motion.

After cutting the little amount of meat, you need to change the slicing amount again back to zero. Now turn the positioner bottom and let the fixative positioner head to its normal position.

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