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Yuasa – The world’s leading battery manufacturer

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This article will mention you some neccessary information about the brand named Yuasa. This is the special product that can make you consent even at the first time of using its products.

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Yuasa’s extensive range of valve regulated lead acid batteries offers the widest choice of power source to meet most known applications including Security and UPS systems, Alarm systems, Emergency Energy Lighting and OEM electrical equipment. The ranges include:

Deep Cycle Cyclic Batteries

The Yuasa Yu-Power valve regulated deep cyclic batteries are the best battery choice for cyclic applications demanding a higher capacity.

The low maintenance and valve regulated construction can combine with heavy duty plates and unique systems to make Yu-Power cyclic capability twice as long as conventional counterparts.


Valve regulated battery and maintenance-free

Battery electrolyte retains solidly in the separator. And, the innovative gas recombinant system allows minimum gas to emittance freeing the users from maintenance.

Double cycle life

Yu-Power™ operates 500 charge/discharge cycles or even twice as many cycles as conventional cycle use batteries at 75% D.O.D. (depth of discharge).
Higher capacity with same footprint as standard cyclic batteries

  • Applications
  • Golf trolleys and golf carts
  • Electric tools
  • Wheel chairs
  • Lawn mowers
  • Lights and instruments
  • Power packs
  • Solar
  • Portable apparatus
  • Mobility aids
  • Mobility scooters
  • Durability for deep discharge use

The plate barrier prevention and the unique separator systems are to help ensure deep discharge use thus considerably prolonging battery’s service life.
Minimal self-discharge

Cyclic use batteries tend to be left discharged after usage causing plate corrosion leading. This is to shortened life expectancy. Self-discharge rate of Yu-Power is as small with only 0.1% a day at 20°C. Thus, it extends the storage period allowed.

Yuasa YTX9-BS-2


Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries

  • Reliability is your security

Yuasa NP, NPC and NPH batteries utilize the most updated advance design Oxygen Recombination Technology. He applied their 80 years of experience in the lead acid battery field to produce the optimum design of Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries. Yuasa NP batteries are the most reliable batteries in the world. This is the reason why industry still choose Yuasa, not any other battery for security, fire, emergency lighting and uninterruptible power source (UPS) applications.


Here are some amazing features of this brand that may make you feel this is the excellent brand.

  • Electrolyte suspension system.
  • Superb recovery from deep discharge.
  • Gas Recombination.
  • Usable in any orientation (except continuous inverted).
  • Multipurpose: Float or Cyclic use.
  • Lead calcium grids for extended life.
  • Superior energy density.
  • Application specific designs
  • Manufactured Worldwide.

Yuasa NP valve regulated lead acid batteries. These batteries have excellent characteristics of deep discharge recovery. These characteristics are coupled with long life on float standby. In these case, they are ideal for numerous applications in both cyclic and standby modes. They are the ideal security battery for alarm systems, fire systems, emergency lighting, uninterruptible owner source.


Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries, Cyclic Application

Yuasa NPC are the most reliable valves regulated lead acid batteries for cyclic applications. The low maintenance and valve regulate constructions combine with heavy-duty plates and unique separator systems to make NPC batteries service twice as long as conventional battery counterparts.

Generally, this Yausa is the best brand that procduces us many types of battery so that we can use it to serve your life now.

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