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AC Delco Batteries: Made to Last

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AC Delco batteries are your kind of batteries.  With all batteries charged and ready to go, it not only serves as an immediate replacement for your busted batteries:  it also promises to last long, weathering any kind of harsh situation your vehicle undergoes.  And what’s more, there’s the assurance that there will be a battery to answer your different needs at prices that are very competitive.

AC Delco batteries are equipped with the following features:

  • Each battery is protected with vent caps that arrest acid leakage.  Acid leakage in battery poles lead to corrosion which in turn shortens battery life
  • The manufacturers use calcium alloy to produce a corrosion resistant grid to minimize corrosion, increasing the battery’s life, and reducing the battery’s water consumption leading to increased durability.
  • The batteries are equipped with thick envelop separators to protect the battery plates, and a durable rib-designed back web that promotes good acid circulation, which helps maintain the battery’s cool temperature, in turn extending the battery’s life.
  • All AC Delco batteries undergo rigid testing to ensure ultimate performance when used for all types of vehicles:
    • –  100% pressure tested.  AC Delco makes sure that heat is confined within the battery and will not affect its use.
    • –  100% tested against electrical shorts.
    • –  all batteries are current tested to make sure there are no loose connections which could affect the batteries’ performance.

AC Delco batteries come in different sizes to suit the needs of different types of vehicles.  The bigger the vehicle, the greater the need for electrical current to run the different parts of the vehicle, e.g. head and tail lights, fog lights, air conditioning, wipers, window regulators-all these need extra current to run.  Thus, big vehicles like tractors and cranes would need bigger sized batteries.

AC Delco batteries are backed up by the best warranties in the industry.  It is important to note though that each battery’s warranty coverage is based on the date specifically indicated on the particular battery bought.  The warranty is also only given to the original retail purchaser, and covers only the parts; installation is not included:

  1. Professional : 1 ½ years
  2. Professional Silver :  2 ½ years
  3. Professional Gold : 3 ½ years
  4. Advantage : 1 ½ years
  5. Voyager : 1 year

Should the battery fail to charge due to a defect in workmanship, AC Delco will replace the battery within the warranty period with a comparable performance battery free of charge.  Cost of removal and/or installation of the battery, though is not included.

Batteries of new cars are expected to function well for a minimum of three years.  Of course, regular maintenance will ensure continued good performance and longer battery life.  AC Delco batteries help ensure that you get the best performance without necessarily having to dig deep into your pockets.  So at the first sign of a battery problem, don’t hesitate to call the nearest AC Delco dealer for a battery change you won’t regret.

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