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What to consider when choosing the best plastic glue?

When making furniture crafts or reinforcing any household tools, you definitely will not lack glue bottles. This is a tool to help you attach the parts of the device quickly.

However, there are different types of glue for different materials, such as mental glue, glue for glass, glue for wood or glue for plastic. The most common household appliance material is plastic, and the glue for plastic is also the most widely used.

But not every bottle of glue you find on the market is the best plastic glue. It needs to meet some of the following factors in order to become the best:

#1 Material

Plastics have two main types: hard plastic and flexible plastic, so glue for plastic is also classified under these two materials. Some work only with hard plastic and some work only with soft plastic.

However, you can also choose some types of glue that work well on all types of materials so that you can use it with some other surfaces.

#2 Viscosity

The viscosity, or texture of plastic glue, is also an important factor that influences your crafting process. The plastic glue usually has 3 main texture: thin, middle and thick, you can also think of this as the thickness of the glue.

The plastic glue has a thin texture and dries quite quickly, it does not require you to spread the glue on the surface with your hands. However, you will not have much time to adjust before the glue dries.

Medium-strength adhesive is easy to clean when it is not yet dry so that you can create the perfect appearance for the adhesive surface.

As the thick adhesive is suitable for the wide surface to be glued, it also gives you plenty of time to adjust before the glue dries.

#3 Drying time

You should choose an adhesive with moderate drying time, which means it should not be too fast for you to adjust or too long to link the materials together.

The strongest plastic glue should have a drying time of about 10 to 15 seconds so that you have enough time to adjust the surfaces to attach the glue.

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